By Shekarris

copyright March-28-1983 11:17am

I add this Poem here to see who it may touch, if it stirs a memory or feeling or if you feel "called" or touched by it please e-mail me and tell me of your reactions and experiences to or because of this poem. I really am interested. I know that there are some who will read it and know it is time. Blessings!


Sometimes when I'm alone

I search the heavens for the home I've never Known.

I feel so home sick here,

but I hide it and try not to shed a tear.


Do I really belong to the human race?

Sometimes I wonder if that"s the case.

I can be in a very crowded room,

And still have underlaying feelings of loneliness and gloom.


I can do things they could never do!

But would they accept me if they knew?

I could see things they could never see,

But if they knew would they ever let me be?


Who am I ?

Where do I belong?

Who am I ?

The echo goes on and on and on.


The answer lies inside my brain

I know it does, don't think I'm insane

Don't think I'm mad, its not a game

I'm here for something, of that its plain.


Its not time yet for me to see

Who I am or what I'll be.

But when it is, then I'll know

No longer homesick for my home.


When the others have come

My mission will be done.

As the sun fades from view,

Please think of me do.


Will they whisper my name?

With Love or with blame?

Will they then understand,

All that's at hand?


Will they know that the future comes not from "their" Earth?

But from the STARS, the place of "our" birth.

Will they welcome me then with open minds

Realizing of course, I'm not of "their" kind


The HEAVENS!!! Finally Home! A resting place for me

I await that day with growing ecstasy

A race of beings I'm longing to see

I can only hope their waiting on me.


Perhaps this is some shapeless dream,

A silly fantasy, I know it must seem.

The fact remains we must wait and see.

Are there OTHERS who dream as me???


But if my thoughts have troubled you,

Stirred some long lost thought or two.

And a chill runs up and down your spine,

Perhaps, just perhaps, your heart longs as Mine!!!

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