Rumor Mill in Our Area

Witch Wars & Gossip Mill

Lady Wolfen Mists 1998

revised June 2001

Its seems that it is time to address the ever popular gossip mill. I thought that this notice would do its work in 1998 but here in the year 2001 I am still addressing the same tired old issues. So one more time lets talk about Witch Wars and the Gossip Mill. . It seems to be rearing it ugly head again and groups are coming to us saying, "Heard it through the grapevine, Your group said this about me (us) or Your group did this to me (us)." If that's not enough there's always the famous cry of, "So and so tells me (us) that you have declared war on me (us) and plan to send negative energies my (our) way." What total and utter nonsense!!! We are a peaceful group and intend to stay that way. We only work in the positive and have done so since the conception of the store and will do so until the Goddess & God see fit to close our doors, now that we are on the internet and continue with the same vein of thought.

We are NOT the only way to worship or the only tradition out there, we know that. We don't claim to be for everyone and admit there are other ways that are just as right for specific individuals as our tradition of Wolfen Wicca . We in no way want to be involved with Witch Wars or anything of that type. We only want to be able to practice with the same respect and dignity of those around us.

It seem so ridiculous to me that in a community of Perfect love and Perfect Trust one needs to do this, but never the less here goes. It is our position that

Silver Hoofs Inc. does not promote or condemn/defame any other Groves, Circles Covens, Study Groups, as well as other Metaphysical or Alternative Health Shops.

We feel we are not in a position to know these others well enough to have any informed judgments. So when asked what we think about these groups it is our standard rule is to apply the above and tell them to check 'em out for themselves. If they feel good and comfortable with what is going on there, then stay. If not then leave, and find another place. No One can tell you what kind of Magick system best fits Your personal needs.

We did have people who volunteered and worked at our store and these people were asked to respond to questions. However, as they are people they have their own opinions and I can not guarantee what they may think or say, so they may have given their own opinion without the knowledge of Silver Hoofs Inc. But this is their opinion and not the opinion of Silver Hoofs Inc. We do promote our classes, as we are familiar with them. We also explain we are eclectic in nature and follow the Wolfen Wicca tradition. This tradition gives not only a solid foundation in our particular tradition, but the classes also give a general one that what we feel instructs the student in an all around ability to understand the core nature of most traditions and of Wicca.

The store itself does all it can in the education field, we have handouts available, a web page where alot of people ask questions through e-mail and have been in business for over 10+ years, as we opened a physical site on April 1st 1991. We were the first in the area to open a metaphysical store and to begin a open grass roots pagan groupWe will answer questions when the questioner does so with respect and a sincere wish to know, however we are a business and can't spend unlimited hours answering questions.

We also need to lay to rest the gossip that seems to continue about us taking pictures of people who went into others stores and bought there. The rumors say we took the pictures and posted them in our store and wouldn't sell to these individuals. This is just an out right lie. This never happened!. We NEVER took pictures of anyone, we NEVER posted any pictures of anyone in the store or anywhere else for that matter. We never turned away sales due to someone buying somewhere else. We did have a list of people who bounced checks that we wouldn't sell to unless they paid in cash but that was the only LIST that was ever at the store (then or now). It seems silly to have to address such a nonsensical idea here, but its one that seems to have a life of its own and keeps growing and growing every time its told.

We hope this makes clear our position on others outside our grove, as well as outside our store. We believe that with the continued guidance of the Bright Lady and Lord we will continue to serve you and work in harmony with other pagan and non-pagan groups/stores. We are dedicated to working for the Bright Lord and Lady, not for our glory but for the Glory of God/dess.

May you always walk in Moon Glow & Sun Light

Silver Hoofs Inc. Management

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