Talking Boards & how To Use Them

How To Use A Talking Board Handout

(with out calling negative energies to you)

The following is a handout we give to people who are interested in learning to use Talking Boards. It is simply a beginners guide with instructions on use, storage and care of the boards. If you are planning to use a tool, like the Talking Board, PLEASE read this. Remember knowledge is power the more you know and understand about a subject/tool, the more you will be able to use it in a positive helpful way for yourself and others.
How to use a "Talking Board" in Spirit Contact
By: Lady Wolfen Mists c Oct.08, 1994
There are many types of 'Talking Boards 'out there for your use and they are very tempting to use. After all what harm can there be in talking to the spirits? Well, you can cause yourself a lot of grief and trouble if you use the boards with this type of attitude. This is a tool used in divination, and like all tools one needs to know how to operate it properly to get the desired effects. Talking boards are "tricky" to say the least, and can often draw energies that one would rather not be involved with. My advice to you is, if you have not been specifically trained by an instructor on the use, care and storage of a board then, don't buy one. I recommend that you NOT use this tool until you are ready, but I know that many of you will try it out any way.

The following information is meant to aid you in your explorations. I have attempted to educate you in such a way as to attract only positive energies to you and the board. However this is Not Full Proof. It is only a precaution. I would like to restate the warning that this tool is often taken to lightly by the general public and should not be used unless one has been trained thoroughly on the techniques of its use.

First upon opening the board wipe the back of the board with purification/Holy water. This can be water with salt added to it. Mixture is approx. 1 quart (water) to 1/2 teaspoon (salt). As you lightly wipe the board and pointer down, visualize all the negative energies leaving and only positive energies being able to communicate with you. Then store box, pointer and board, in white clothe. A white pillow case works well, for this. Storing the board like this when not in use, "sets" the positive energies and reinforces the board as a receiver for only positive energy exchanges. Inside the pillow case you can sprinkle some salt, if you feel the need, especially after a long session of use.

If you get an entity that does not seem positive do the above and then burn sage or sandalwood incense and "smudge" the board. That is to pass the board through the smoke a few times, telling the Entity, to leave and never return to you or your board. Also tell it to never try to harm you or yours again as you will not allow this to happen. The entity Will leave and Will Not return, as it must, because YOU are in control of the situation. It is only when you give way to fear that you allow the entity to have power over you. You need to know that Nothing can Hurt you that You do not Let or Accept. Tell It To Go Now! It will, it has NO Choice! So remember, Every time you use the board, wipe it and the pointer down. Visualize only positive entities speaking with you, and store it in white.

Another point I'd like to make is DO NOT EVER use the board when drinking or doing mind altering drugs, as this is a magnet for negativity and drags these negative energies to you. If you wish to have meaningful contact with positive spirits, then YOUR life needs to reflect that. Otherwise you may as well get a neon sign and put it at the entrance of your open portal, and let every wondering negative energy suck energy out of you. As you can see by reading this, I hope, that working with "Talking Boards" includes alot of responsibility. It's not a tool to be taken lightly of, Please keep this in mind when working with yours

May You always walk in Moon Glow & Sun Light,
Lady Wolfen Mists

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