What makes us WITCH




What Makes us WITCH

By Lady Wolfen Mists
July 6 2003

We all know them, they claim to be Witch because it works for now, it's a cool fad.
They gather with us but there is no steel in their hearts, no commitment.
They circle with us in perfect love and trust, but they do not feel the connection it means
They dance with us and wear our robes, they take our cakes and wine

Yet when times get hard they whine, they run, they forsake their ways.
They say they are no longer pagan and run to Christian church.
They say their lives fell apart when they came out of the broom closet
That things got too hard to handle and they aren't really Witch

They say that the Goddess has made their life to hard to live and they need more material things
They go to the Church to find this and to gain more acceptable spirituality
They say the Goddess has lead them to be what they are, but isnt that what Witch is?
They say that they need not shout they are Witch, but shouting and hiding are two different things.

Yet I wonder if they understand that no matter what religion you walk there will be hard roads
That as you grow in spiritual insight the karma of the soul speeds up and obstacles are placed there for you to learn from
I wonder if they will run again when it gets rough at the Church, or if they will keep the illusion that they are learning and stay at their current level of spiritual development.
I wonder if they realize that you cant keep changing religion like underwear and only commit to the easy parts
I wonder if they understand the steel it takes to walk the ancient roads and the many material things one gives up to do so.
I wonder if they realize what wondrous gifts are found in return for such strong dedication
I wonder if they will ever really understand Witch or if they will only seek that which is easy and acceptable and agreeable to the world.
Then I wonder at the patience of the Goddess who accepts us all, again and again no matter how blind we may be.
I guess it is the journey that teaches us and I guess some are more suited to the journey than others
We seek to understand and know the ancient ways above all things and we are dedicated to the Lady and Lord no matter what and that Makes us Witch

May you Always walk in Sunlight and Moonglow

Forever In The Loving Service Of Others

Lady Wolfen Mists