"Your Gifts"

My Opinions on charging and keeping a balance.

First it should be noted that I come from the school that all things MUST be in balance and that no one should leave any session feeling taken or used. Before you jump to conclusions and say I'm just after your hard earned money let me explain about balance. Balance need not be just monetary in nature but it could be barter (I'll do this for you if you do this for me) as well gifting or sharing skills. Balance comes in many forms and must be agreed on by both parities before services are given. This balance reflects in all you do, for the key to magick is balance! It is balance that the universe works on and even small inconsistencies shred at your effectiveness as well as the effectiveness of the laws of the universe.

I always strive to be balanced, now there are times I fall way short but that is my working plan…Balance in all things. I have learned for me, just giving away my gifts is not in balance.

Now there are those who think otherwise they say, "These are gifts and should be shared freely." That is their opinion and they have a right to it but I also find that the ones making this claim are usually those who have to pay and are unhappy about it. Sure the information shared comes from gifts…Gifts from the Universe to YOU to be used as you see fit. Many times these gifts cost the reader in some way, be it headaches or wearing down of the physical body or such to use. Most times such sessions are hard earned and leave the reader wiped out or drained. Such gifts are seldom free and there is a balance to be made to learn to work with them.

You wouldn't go to a store and say "Hey you got this for next to nothing so you should just give it to me." No you expect to pay for the item or not get it, why is it so hard to translate this same line of thought to psychic or intangible things????

Yet I have seen this kind of thought voiced aloud again and again. Many people, not all mind you, but many with such gifts are unable to work in mainstream for one reason of another, they maybe disabled or physically impaired in some way. It is through this that their gifts come more apparent this becomes their way of making a living. It is no different than if you become more skilled in an area of your particular job, such skills would command more pay. It wouldn't even cross your mind that you would just give away your skill and remain at the same level of pay for the rest of your life. So would it not make sense more skills on the psychic level allow for more payment to keep all things balanced.

I have also learned that just giving away such information can lead to the cheapening of how it is received as well as how you are thought of. It has been my experience, right or wrong, that people think very little of what is just given away. They even begin to dislike and disrespect the giver. I have at times shared with others because the images and information was coming to me so very strongly and they seemed to want to hear this, with no second thought on the balance that was not being made. I was giving away freely and nothing was being given back. I have sat across the table from people giving important information to them about their lives free. Yet instead of thankfulness or balance in any way, I have felt anger, daggers from eyes being flashed at me and even hate, being framed by a smile and a nodding head. I often wondered why?

I thought they hated me for that second because they thought that I thought I knew everything. Nothing could be further from the truth I am NOT all knowing or all anything. I am only a vessel used by the Great Spirit (Goddess and God if you will or whatever you think it to be,) and I share when I can. It is not to my glory or power, it is all them, and I just share what they send.

Half the time I don't even remember what I have said, I just let the energies and images and smells flow and let the person who the reading is for deal with understanding it. Once I have completed the session I forget, sometimes on purpose sometimes cause I simply don't remember. Reading are deeply personal and I respect the information shared and the person it was shared with. Much like reading an intimate diary of a person, its none of my business and once done the book is closed and forgotten. Anyway like I said I thought this was why the anger was directed at me .

I was wrong!

One of my spirit guides appeared to me, just lately, and told me that just because I had the information didn't mean that I needed to tell the person, that maybe they didn't want to know. That until the person came looking and was willing to share in balanced payment for what they were seeking then I didn't need to share no matter how compelled I felt. That they didn't hate (or weren't angry at) me for the reason I thought but for rocking their world and putting in it the truths they were not yet ready to find or deal with. That I removed from them what they most treasured in their lives and that was CONTROL and turned all they believed upside down, at a time they may not be ready to have this happen. That such timing was not for me to decide for others, rather it was for them to come to me and ask about. Only then would they accept both my information and myself whole and with respect. With that simple explanation of it, it seemed as if someone had flipped a light on. It all made clear sense to me. No more free giveaways, A balance must be struck and then only when the seeker came to me asking, not just because I knew. We talk of free will and freedom of choice and I have been inflicting my choices (no matter how well intentioned) on others. No wonder they were angry, I surely would have been. So now thanks to my spirit guides not to gentle words I am more insightful and wiser and I wait for the balance t be struck before I share. See we never stop learning, no matter how many years of service we have :-)

Bright Blessings,

Forever In The Loving service Of Others,

Lady Wolfen Mists

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