Thou Art God/dess

Welcome to my page to aid in your Healing and meditation. It contains an event that reminded me that THOU ART GODDESS, spend time and allow the music to fill your soul, enjoy

I have been going through one of those periods in my life where I wonder Whats it all for??? It's not uncommon for all of us to feel such at times and as I said I am no exception! It is at this time that I most need the support of my friends and grove, yet this is often lacking and I feel as if I stand alone. I drift alone, in need of a repowerment of the soul and spirit, a redirection in my actions, a message or reminder of "Why am I here? Whats the Purpose of it all" a new focus that will bring me even closer the Goddess and God. I need lifted up and cared for, held and reminded that "THOU ART GODDESS!" For this purpose I have made this page. The midi Impossible Dream is to lift your spirit, perhaps bring a tear or two, to aid you in placing your feet securely on the Path of Wisdom. To remind you that even though now, it may seem like an impossible dream, YOU are SACRED & HOLY. You are truly, even at our lowest, A part of the Goddess or God

(c)On March 26,1999 at 2;00am, by Lady Wolfen Mists. I was feeling down and asked for spiritual guidance. Here is my synopsis of an true event which happened to me, I hope it touches your heart and soul. This event truly touched my spirit/soul and my life will never be the same! Thank the Lord and Lady!!!


(C)March 26,1999 at 2:00am, by Lady Wolfen Mists

Once in my confusion, No solace could I find.

I looked to my friends but rebuff was in their minds.


I turned once more to logic, if I could understand.

Why was right not always the winner, who leads the hearts of man.

I shouted to the heavens, "Great Goddess, in all your Glory

Are you really real or is my life based on a story?"


"Why am I last in most everything, Why am I so poor?

When will the wheel of Karma turn and positive energies find my door?

Steam and Mist rose from my face, as the many tears there poured.

My heart was hurt and broken, my soul was damaged and sore


I felt so alone and unwanted, a fool who'd been unveiled

Then I saw the Great White Stag, as through my yard He sailed

He turned at the edge of the yard, and gazed into my eyes

Away faded fears, doubts and the wondering if it was all lies


And at that very moment, my heart gave out a shout!

For I live within a city, no deers here to come out

He looked into my soul and my spirit took to flight,

Confusion, doubt, depression, soon hurried out of sight


Then away from me He trotted, yet the wind proclaimed forth


and have you touched The Source!

I give you these pictures to look upon, listen to your heart! Mediate and revel in the beauty and majesty within them and within yourself. Seek out the answers from the Bright Lady and Lord , allow them to hold your heart, soul and physical body. Give them permission to cuddle you and heal your wounds and confusion. Let them empower you, and repower your commitment to the Higher Self. Once more seek the balance and learn the true meaning behind the words "Heal Thyself"