Tears of A Nation

Tears Of A Nation

This is my page to honor those who died in the National Tragedy, at the hands of


For them, I place my flag at half mast and shed tears at the loss of lives.

Lets give them a Moment of Silence to show we Honor and respect them.

I would like to add my voice to the many who are thanking the Fire dept., Police Dept. and Service Workers who's lives have been added to this Tragedy as they tried to ease the pain and burden of those around them. Heros are found all about us at the darkest of times, these workers and those who gave up their lives are OUR TRUE HEROS!

World Trade Center Towers


This link is to the World Trade Center Survivor Database http://www.ny.com/wtclist.html

click there to check on loved ones or ones missing that you may be searching for

I send healing loving energies to not only my nation but to those loved ones left behind. Also to wish safe and complete journey to those who have crossed I beg for wisdom for our leaders as we move forward from this cowardly act of war.

Please note, Dear Ones, that I am not calling for the pain or vengeance on those Arab peoples or those of the Islamic religion, who are NOT involved in this despicable act.

We MUST respect all people and all religions.

It is only those that did this act against us that I call for Justice from.

Do not bend to mob mentality and do harm to those who were not involved and who are as much Americans as we are.

It should not matter where your ancestors come from or where your pray from or to whom, not NOW or EVER. In our Anger this is a freedom we must NEVER NEVER GIVE UP! The freedom to worship as you wish.

Yet, Let it be known to all those who think they have put us, Americans, down for the count. Such acts only make us stronger!

We pull together harder and Unite. When all the numbness passes and the tears clear, when the shock that one person could do this act so callously to another, with out regard to life has settled in our Brains. When we have had time to process, the grief and the pain we will rise up from this dark pit. Then you will see what we as Americans are truly made of. After All we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and we fight for the rights of our citizens and for the rights of those peoples around the world. Such acts of terrorism will not stand and we Will do all that needs to be done to end such acts.
We will avenge those who were so very wronged, as Sekhmet, Lilith, Hecate and Kali and many other Dark Gods and Goddess raise their swords of Justice. It is here we invoke the Karmic retribution due to us, and strike out in Self defense

There is much to be said about forgiveness, yet there is also much to be said for;

"Lest in Self Defense it be, Ever Mind the Rule of Three"

I call out for Justice!

Signed: Lady Wolfen Mists

Lady Shadow Stalker

Golden Fin

Dominion Of The Winged Dragon

Great Heart

Fuzzy Worm