Falling from the Pedestal

©LWM March 13 2004 writings

Do not place me on a pedestal,

For no matter what I will surely fall

I am mortal, I make mistakes,

I cry, I yell, I have days I am short with others and days I am open and caring and ready to help.

Sometimes (Goddess forbid) I just don’t like what I am hearing and I cant hide it


I am NOT nor will I ever be perfect,

I am NOT Omnipotent,Omniscient or any of those other Omni's.

I am NOT all powerful, divine or a maker of your destiny.


However, and I am going to say something here that may offend some, if it fits listen if not don’t let it bother you.

There are few out here that wish I was all these things so you could happily hand over your power to someone else, avoiding the consequences of your actions, then when it (your life or a situation) doesn’t work out the way you think it should you blame me (the person you placed in control of your power) and run off in a huff.


Please remember this in the front of your mind:

I am simply a woman who wishes to serve Her Lady and Lord with all her heart

I do my best every day to help as best I can (even with my feeble human hands)

What makes me different from you is that I have walked this path a few more times, a little longer so I know a little more

I have felt the Goddess and God grow within me as I rose through the ranks and I have dedicated my Life to serving as Their vessel here on earth.


Now that doesn’t make me special;

It only makes me humble and submissive to their sublime works and guidance

There is little that I am or do that you too can not be or do

There is nothing more sacred about me as a High Priestess that you can not attain to


I am only a uncomplicated woman,

I have the same foibles and imperfections as any of you

I have needs also and I get angry when people don’t pay their bills

I would love to live a life of constant giving and receiving, where no one ever need pay bills but that is not the reality of the world.

I need to make a living also to meet my needs, and until the community finds a way to help me pay those who bill me (like lights gas, rent, food) then I must continue to charge for my skills and my items.


Many say "Oh if you are a representative of the Goddess you shouldn’t need my money and you should give away everything free."

That you should always be loving and caring and should be the perfect example of unconditional Love.

I agree to this, in theory I wish this could be true for I would then be an Ascended Master and we would all have no need of worldly/material goods.


Alas this is not the case…. I have need of caring from others, of understanding of my imperfections, of support when I hurt, as well as all the same material/physical needs you have.

I do my very best to offer wisdom, answers and instructions when I can.

I do my best to act as a vessel for the Lady and Lord and allow Them to reach you through me, I do my best to use my skills in a positive loving manner…yet be warned that I am human and I fall short at times.


Do not punish me because I may fall from the ivory tower you placed me in,

Do not lose faith in the Lady and Lord because they continue to use me (with all my faults) as their ambassador/vessel.

Take heart that they would care so much for a soul such as I, as to show them unconditional love and lift them up and allow them to serve once more, for it portends great opportunities for you also.


So please do not balance your faith on my mistakes or lack of mistakes.

Do not look to say "Well the Goddess must be a fake because Lady Wolfen Mist was angered at me or pressed me to pay the bills I ran up. If she (LWM) were truly a High Priestess of the Goddess she wouldn’t need me to pay, or she would never become cross or angry at me."

If this were the case Dear Ones then I would be Perfect,

and we all know nothing about me could be farther from the truth.


I ask that you base your faith on what is in your hearts, what your intuition tells you, what I have shown you to be true and what rings true to you.

For in the end no matter what it is always your magick and no one else's that suits you best.

I may show you the way, I may teach you the basics in Wolfen Wicca® but you will take from it what works best for you and you will mold it to your own needs, you will find your own connection to the Lady and Lord and it will be just as strong and real as mine is to Them.


I am only your guide and as I have said, a vessel through which They work.

I have never claimed to be more than that and I am not now or ever will be deserving of that pedestal or Ivory tower many of you wish to place me in.

Besides I love it to much, being next to you and working side by side with you, as you make your spiritual discoveries to be sit up on high away from you.


Forever In The Loving Service Of Others,

Lady Wolfen Mists

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