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From Here to the Summer Land

Who says that soul mates only come with two legs, many times our hearts, souls and spirits bond with spirits who love us unconditionally and who strive in their own way to make our lives better

On this page I wish to honor those spirits (usually in animal form) Who shared their Lives, love and wisdom with us. Whose time went way to quickly before they parted with us, and whom we loved with all our hearts. Such spirits touched us in ways we will never be able to explain, express or even understand but we have no doubt that they made our life here better.

With that said I offer their images to you here and a word or two for or about them. If you have a spirit you would like to have added just e-mail me a picture and what you would like said and I will add them to our Summer Land Altar Pages

Below lay the gates to the Summer Land. They glisten, beckon, and bid us Rest and Welcome. They open for those whose journey and lessons are at an end They are the Gates to The Great Goddess and God who wait for us all. Through here passes the Spirits of our friends who wait for us in this most glorious place. One day we too will pass these gates and be renewed, restored and reunited with all those we love. Yet all things in good time as our lessons here continue. Yet, we are happy for such a place for our loved one to cross into.


But for now, in the physical, we morn the crossing of our loved ones. No longer here in the mortal world with us, no longer are we able to reach out and touch them, run with them, laugh with them or feel their healing caress when we cry or feel alone. It is for this loss that we grieve at their passing and so for this we Honor them. Lighting an eternal candle to show we remember them. A candle to burn as a memorial to their having been in our lives. A candle to wish them "safe Journey" and that their souls be at peace, that they be free from suffering

And at the Journeys end, once rested, healed and relaxed perhaps if we are Blessed such wondrous souls will choose to return to us. In yet another form, with another lesson to share with us. But with as much love, and caring as before. We need only be aware and watch the signs for their return.

Those We Honor Follow From Here


My Cat, My Familiar, My friend and loyal companion of over 16 years. I morn your passing but I take great joy in knowing you sit by the Great Goddess Sekhmet. You are even now, as ever you will be, My Sunshine. I wish you "Safe Journey" and await to see you again in the Summer Land!

Your Companion and Student for all time,

Lady Wolfen Mists (Joy)


Her name means Joyous Warrior and that she was. Beloved friend, companion and protectress of Lady Shadow Stalker. A wonderful familiar for Lady Shadow Stalker.Always there, always watching. Thief at heart and loyal companion. Even with her dying breath she raged against death, as She bit the Vet, one last time. Kidney failure came quickly to our friend and took her body but it never never touched her soul! She is a lesson to all on death with dignity.

Dine well dear friend at Sekhmet's Table, you are still well loved and dearly missed by us both

Lady Shadow Stalker

A million times Wyntier, a million times

Lady Wolfen Mists


3/17/87 - 1/1/02

A beautiful light has passed from this world.

A beautiful soul has gone on to its next journey.

Kelsey left this physical existence at 8:20 a.m. on January 1, 2002, after 15 years of sharing my life. He left of his own accord and on his own terms, just as he lived his life. His gift to me was to choose to leave on his own at the end of the most wonderful 11 days of vacation we've shared together.

It is my wish that he be remembered for the playful, loving, unpredictable spirit that he was. Vibrant and full of life, eager for a walk in the park or around the block, ready to lick any unsuspecting child's face, determined to find the best parts of life and make them his own, always ready to share a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream

In Honor and everlasting Love

Angel paws.

Ginger & Bear

Ginger (sitting up) was a wonderful companion and was much loved. She gave me Bear (laying down) who was a light in the darkness for me. Both so loving and caring, always there for me. They passed from my life in the physical but their lessons and love still surround me. Never a day passes that a thought or two isnt sent their way, what wondrous spirits they were! I still love them deeply and always miss them beside me..

Blessing to you both and humble thanks for being a part of my life. Until we once again meet and play together, laugh together and share love unbound, I wish you safe journey.

Mystic Snow Moon.

Bright Eyes

What light from your eyes does shine, Demon or friend of mine?

And that is still the question! Bright Eyes was sold from a zoo and ended up on a pet store (by way of black market and unknown to us at the time). We got him believing he was severly abused and only 3-4 years old. He turned out to be over 40 and came from a zoo. In any case he was loved, and affectionately called the "damn" wallaby as he was a Dama Wallaby.

We had a wonderful relationship with him for several years, with many tales and tears. I would never get another wallaby but I would also never give up the hours spent with Bright Eyes. I honor him here and hope that his Summerland is wild and wonderful and full of others like himself. That he is reunited with his mate and hops in the sun with plenty to munch on! I hope he thinks on us fondly and remembers his visor, which he dearly hated to wear, but looked oh so cute in :-)

Thank you for being part of our life Bright Eyes, we still look for you and hope to see you once again in the Summerland.



Companion & Friend for many a year

This beloved little dog was my constant companion and protector for several years. Protector was a job he took very seriously and his yapping bark was the consternation of many, his grumpy old man act often put many off of him. Yet to me, he was a sweet soul most of the time. Cancer took him and he longed for the end and was ready to go when he crossed the veils. Still there are times one can hear that Pomeranian yip or a growl under the bed, a flash of a white tail and the nuzzle of a wet nose, he still looks in now and then. I miss him more than ever thought I would.



The Goddess Blessed my heart with Hermes

This is Palomas most dearly loved companion and Guide. He lived with her for many many years and was more trusted than most people. He was a most beautiful cat and his name (Hermes) was perfect for him as he was(and continues to be on the astral) a true messenger of the Gods to Paloma, teaching her much and guiding her with his wit, wisdom and loving ways.

Hermes crossed on march 08 2003 at 11:22 after many years of devotion and will be greatly missed. So let us all raise a glass and cheer
" Ho Hail Hermes! As you return to the Summerland beside Bast and Sekhmet may you rest, replenish your spirit and soul and do all the "kitty" things your body grew to old to do, but your spirit so enjoyed!"

With much tears of joy and sadness I honor you dear friend and miss you every second of every day, your loving Companion, Paloma (mom)


Dearest Angus,
Little did I know the first day that I brought you home that you would completely change my life. You were my best friend, my confidant, my helper with homework and patient playmate. You took everything that I ever asked of you in stride, and sometimes I asked a great deal. You were my fearless in my defense, and an attentive nurse in my illness. You were the inspiration for my studies…. You were a silent guide during the rocky times of my life. Even in your last hours and paid, you thought of me. You chose your time to spare me. I realize how blessed I was to have you in my life and someday I can only hope you will be there to greet me when I arrive on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, Thanks Gussie and I love and miss you…. Mom

William Von Dem Nord

Oh William, Sweet William,
Will, How can I say how much you mean to me in such a short space. You came into my life by design when I needed you most. You were my gentle protector, my friend and my patient playmate. There was always a smile on your face, a wag in your tail and a greeting howl at the door. You were your Mama’s “Pretty”. You are the one that kept the “scary” things away so we could sleep soundly at night. Ready and willing to go anywhere at any time and we did. Long drives, fishing, rollerblading, Dog-o-ween, SCA events in garb, pulling wagons and sleds, group homes, college, brave moves, moves home and dairy queen. You didn’t hesitate to follow, come what may. We did it all. You were my trusted friend. I was so blessed and honored to be your Mom. Your brother and I love and miss you so much. Oh Will, you eat all the ice cream the Summerland has to offer and some day your brother and I will meet you there.

Until then, thank you for every treasured moment we had.
I love you William.


She lit my heart in the darkness of the night

Bella, Beloved familiar and companion of Night song. Crossed to the Summerland on Nov. 24th 2002. Her presence remains

She was found in a cemetery on Samhain and was always a mischief maker. She loved her "cauldron"! The Goddess kissed her with a cross on her forehead.

She is greatly missed every day,
I am much Blessed by having her in my family, Nightsong


Our Guardian Of Water and Protector

Shadow was my Beloved companion for 5 years. Full of fun and adventure who like getting into alot of mischief. Shadow was murdered by someone unknown to us and now runs with Hecate and Her Shadow Hounds. I hope he hunts his killer till the end of time, letting them feel his breath and teeth at his back as he bestows Hecates swift justice.

Shadow you will forever be missed here in my heart, Lady Shadow Stalker

Zietti aka Danger Dog

Most Beloved Companion of Danger Girl

Z you were my special rescue, you survived so much and still trusted when you had every right not to. Our 3 years together will be forever in my heart. I am so glad I got to finally give you the loving forever home that you deserved.

Love and miss you Big Dog. Mom


Companion, Soul Friend and Teacher of Jon Rose

“Rest in Peace Rhubarb….you’ve moved to another place, one without pain, one with endless trees to climb, no burrs to catch in your fur, all the finest fish you could want to eat, Warm sunshine every day all day, no dogs to disturb your slumbers, you will be missed by all that had the honour of knowing you whilst you spent time on the Earth.”

"God Bless You Rhubarb, the world is a more empty place without you."


Tuff little Family member of Jon Rose

“Barney has gone, but is not forgotten. The tiny puppy that spent most of his first few months attached to my leg or inside a slipper and grew into the tough little dog I knew so well has been removed from this mortal coil and he can now chase his arch nemesis Rhubarb in a place removed from pain and suffering. He always thought he was three times bigger than he actually was, and now I think about it, his heart was probably that of a much bigger dog. ”

"Rest in Peace Barney"

(called "Gunkers" by mom DezertBLU)

He was a very big personality in such a tiny package

“Where The Garden Meets The Road
By DezertBLU

Where the garden meets the road,
and the Willow sweeps the pond,
There I shall meet you my friend,
Forever and Beyond.
Where the sunset bleeds into the sea,
and the magick fills the wand,
There I shall meet you my friend,
Forever and Beyond.

"I shall miss him calling out to me, and I can only hope he has plenty of carrots in heaven."


Beloved Companion and Soul Friend to WiccanOracle

He was one of the gentlest souls a person or being could meet, who only asked for very little in return for the enormous amount of love he gave in return. He was known as the "Keeper of the Doorway" in our house and perhaps now is keeping watch from just inside a doorway in his new place of rest. An unexpected guest at our back door became a member of our family that will never be forgotten and cherished always by those who lives he touched.

Walk in Peace and Happiness until we are again reunited


Beloved Furbaby of WiccanOracle's

After loving a long-time companion of mine, I wanted to adopt someone from the local Humane Shelter who had been there the most and needed someone like me to rescue him. To my surprise, Babe was not only the biggest cat there but also the most loving one I could ever have pleasantly been surprised to receive. He helped to heal a very broken heart and over 13 years he gave many blessed moments that can never be forgotten. He was full of spunk and love, his Spirit much younger than his physical self, and even managed to give us his last moments full of all of the love he had in his heart and the peace of mind to let us know he would always be with us. I owe him so much more for what he has given and will one day be reunited to where I can continue to give him more love and affection.

Thank you for being the blessed surprise that you were!

For my Lucky,

Honored Companion, Friend and Family Member of D's

You are my best feline friend ever…….. I love you through all eternity and thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally. You are my healing partner and familiar of the heart.

Your new life is pain free and full of wonder and joy and I am grateful you have found a place of happiness. Lucky, I love you and thank you for gracing my life. We will meet again because love is our bridge.

Your partner, D

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