Stones: Tumbled & Raw

Stones: These stones listed reflect medium size (approx.nickle size) Large and smaller sizes are available upon request. As these are works of nature colors do vary. These pictures are given to give you an idea of color, no two stones will be the same exact size or color. They are listed in no real order, as we get new ones we will add them to the list
Aventurine $.65

Amazonite $1.95

Amber (raw)
approx. .50 gram avg. piece: $3.00

Amethyst: Dark $1.55

Amethyst: Light $.75

Color variations
Amethyst: Chevron $1.25

Agate: Blue $.75

Agate: Botswan- smaller dime size


Agate: Moss $.50

Apache Tear $.75

Black Obsidian $.75

Bloodstone Med. size $.75

hunter green with red flecks, pict. doesn't do it justice

Carnelian $1.25

Citrine points $5.99

No Pict. at this time,sorry!
Fluorite $1.00

colors vary from mixed purple, yellow, green, blue. We can not guarantee color mixes

Hawk's Eye $.75

colors may vary, usually Navy blue
Hematite $.75

Leopard Skin Jasper $.95

Lepidolite $.99

Malachite $2.25

Moonstone $.99

colors vary from white, green, orange and silver.

Petrified Wood $.55

Paua Shell $.95

Rose Quartz $.50

Rhodachrosite $.75


$7.50 per stone
Out of stock at this time, looking for reasonable priced stones
Out Of Stock At This Time

Tiger Eye: Honey $.55

Tiger Eye: Cherry $.75

Turquoise- Was present at 13 ritual through the year 1999 and brought in the new Millennium 2000, Lots of Healing energies as well as creation energies inbuded in these stones

Turquoise comes in many color variations and shapes as well as grades, we will do our best to give you the best we have available at the time
Snowflake Obsidian $.50



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