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Silver Hoofs Inc.

or What's this store all about?

Today I got an addition to my guest book pointing out several annoying points that a person felt about the website and my auction banner. The one annoyance I have heard over and over again in my time as the owner of Silver Hoofs Inc. is that Hoofs is spelled WRONG.

Now before you burn me at the stake for such a terrible grammatical error allow me to explain (there are those out there who recognize the spelling and to which I need not explain anything) yet there are those , Like poster, anal retentive, who feel it their mission in life to tell me that I cant spell and as such I look ignorant. It is just for them that in 1995 (after hearing this comment at least 7 times a week) I composed the following store handout!

What's With the Name?

The name Silver Hoofs came to me as I was watching the play CAMELOT. There was a song that King Arthur sings, in which he refers to the fact that Camelot has, ..."Unicorns, with Silver Hoofs. The rarest Kind..." I liked that thought, the purity and the magical energy that it conjured in my head, so I decided to call the store SILVER HOOFS. Yes I know that many people think I've spelled it wrong, Hoofs instead of Hooves, however if Hoofs was Good enough for King Arthur, then I say it will do for me! It is also considered the correct old English spelling and fits what my store and myself are about (in spirit) the time we most long for

What is it you sell, exactly?

Silver Hoofs sells many different "alternative" religious items. From something as simple as a stone to a very complex spell kit. We try to find something for every person's level of entry into the ascension of the soul process. So if your a beginner we try to steer you towards those products that will be easy for you to use, if your an advanced level we try to have those items available also. It is the policy of the store, and I feel as the owner my moral responsibility, to provide only positive direction, items and energies. We do our best to make sure that all of the items sold will be used in only the purest light, in fact if we feel that you may use an item from our store in a negative way we reserve the right not to sell the item to you. It is our opinion that there is enough negativity in the world today, it is not our wish to become part of that, we would rather be an aid to the growing positive energies and Light workers out there. What religion are you?

Before I answer this question I would like to point out that not everyone who works as volunteers at or for the store are Wiccan. Many are Christian, Jewish, Druid, Native American and various other religious persuasions. As owner of the store my personal religion is WICCA, however the store tries to meet the needs of many other "alternative" religious sects. I must admit however, that there are areas that need improvement in meeting the needs of other religions, I feel that this is mainly due to my ignorance on the specifics of other religions and not because of a refusal to "get or find" these items. At first glance it may appear that we promote only WICCA, as I am very familiar with that, but if you were to ask or tell me the specific item you would like to see made available for your personal religious needs, I would be more than happy to track it down for you. So as you can see its not that we think WICCA is the only way, its merely that I feel the need to be educated on the needs of other religions. Who best to educate me then the followers of that religion?

Are you Anti-Christian?

No! Wicca is not anti -Christian, we're not Anti anybody. Wiccan's often have different beliefs than mainstream Christianity, but we respect the right of all persons to believe as they feel they should. On a more personal note, I am only Anti those religions that do not allow positive growth of the soul.

Don't you kill animals, drink blood and worship Satan?

No we DO NOT kill animals or drink blood , we respect the Earth and all of Her creations. One of our basic tenets is "... Do what ye will but harm ye none!" SO as you can see killing would be in direct conflict with our belief system. As for worshipping Satan, Wiccan's don't believe in Satan or any form of Ultimate evil! We feel that all beings make choices in life, some choices are positive in nature adding to the growth of the spirit and adding in spiritual advancement. While other choices are negative in nature, blocking the spiritual evolution of the soul and causing that spirit to have to relearn "the lesson" until they unblock the growth process. So as you can see there is no room for an ultimate evil, as all things must remain in balance and the choices that you make for your own spiritual evolution is 100% up to you .

If you Don't believe in Satan , how do you personally relate to Jesus.

First off let me say that Wicca doesn't ask you to give up any other beliefs to become a practitioner of this belief system. So, if you can incorporate Jesus and Christianity into your own belief system, along with Wicca then that's what works for you. That is YOUR MAGICK and it is just as true as one who doesn't incorporate other religions into their Magick. My PERSONAL belief on Jesus is this. Yes there was a Jesus and yes he was a great man. Do I believe he was my personal savior? I guess in a way, yet in the same way I believe that Mohammed and Buddha and many others are. No, I do not believe that Jesus was my spiritual savior, but that He was a savior in the sense that he and many others who are leaders in religions, DIRECTED us to believe in ourselves. Showing us that we are all sons/daughters of God/dess, and that we can do what ever we wish through them (ourselves). I feel that He shows us that we should love all things, and that we must be responsible for our choices in life. Did he die for my sins? No, I don't think so. I think he tried to show us what is overall positive for the soul. What is to be used as a guide to encourage us to grow spiritually, just as he shows us what is negative and slows the process of growth in the spirit. I feel that many others , not just men, have directed us and guided us to "see" and understand what is positive for the growth of the spirit, and what causes blocks. Once this has been shown to you, you are the one who makes conscious decisions as to what you choose to do with your life. It is up to you what lessons you will learn. Up until that point you were still making those choices but not on the conscious level , on the subconscious level.

What Is WICCA?

Wicca is a belief system based in duality That is to say, that we believe in a Goddess and a God. We celebrate the living experience through the changing of the seasons . On specific days (called Sabbats)we meet to celebrate the continuing cycle of life, death and rebirth. For example on Lammas (in Aug.) we celebrate our Harvest time, which is much like "Thanksgiving". We also meet a least once a month, usually on the full moon, to work and worship our God and Goddess . An example of a full moon would be, we would ask the Lady and Lord for help in healing someone of an illness, or thank the God and Goddess for their help in our lives.

We feel that the Lady and Lord are the embodiment of creative powers found in all things. These creative energies are both positive and negative. Now that's not positive and negative in the sense of good and bad, but in the sense of positive and negative polarities. Yes we are considered a Pagan religion and have been called Witches..

Aren't Witches Awful nasty scary people who do terrible things?

In Stories and Faery Tales there are many "witches" who are portrayed as this but in reality most Witches could be your neighbors next door. There are many ideas as to where the word "witch" first started, no one can be for sure. But instead of dwelling on the word "witch", lets look at the meaning of the word Wicca. This word has many origins also, but the most common idea is that Wicca means "WISE ONE". Most Wiccan's were common folk, usually women but not always, Healers or Diviners of the future. They filled a need for the town or society like that of the dowser, that found water. The members of this religion became known as WICCA CRAFT ( Craft of the Wise or the Craft for short). So we see that the common folk, working people just like you or I, became town Healers and such. Were they evil nasty awful people who did terrible things or were they just ordinary people trying to do the best they could? I think that's a question you alone must answer for yourself.

I hope that this has given you some insight into the shop and what we do and don't do. I also encourage any of you who have questions to please feel free to do so. After all how can we learn and grow from one another if we are afraid to communicate?

May you always walk in Sunlight And Moon Glow,

Blessed Be

Lady Wolfen Mists

By Lady Wolfen Mists

C 6-20-1995