Lady Wolfen Mists Speaks on:
**Sacred Sanctuary, Spirits Of Light**
C 1991 by Lady Wolfen Mists,


These are the most basic tenets "WE" at Sacred Sanctuary, Spirits Of Light follow. Our legally recognized 501(3c) Church is in Fargo, North Dakota (formed May 1992) and is the first and oldest in our Fargo/Moorhead area, we are open to all positive walks of pagans, with a touch towards Wolfen wicca but all are welcome and respected. We are proud of the work we have done in the educational area concerning our beliefs and teaching the community.
We are a closed circle, meaning that attendance is by invitation only or by membership. If you are interested in attending a circle activity, please get ahold of Lady Wolfen Mists at Silver Hoofs Inc. She is in charge of getting all needed information and explaining membership requirements.

Many groves have their own personal rules and expectations of their members. As paganism is a highly adaptable religion, we felt that the following should reflect our views and ideas. This allows you to "check us out," as well as our being able to state our expectations. If you find yourself in agreement with our ideas, we urge you inquire about membership. If you find that these ideas are in conflict with your own, then bright Blessings in your search and "Merry we part..."

1. You do your best to live up to the ideas set forth in the Wiccan Rede, we all make mistakes, but we are looking for people who take the Rede seriously, if you are not wican them we ask that you live up to the golden rule and live in your heart by that..

2. We in NO WAY tolerate the use of illegal substances. This means INSIDE the circle and in everyday life. We agree that all people have a right to make choices in their lives, this has never been in question. However "we" as a group, have decided NO DRUGS, that is our choice. Anyway face it! You don't need drugs to achieve altered states of consciousness. In addition to no use of drugs, we will NOT TOLERATE the use of Alcohol prior to a circle function, during a circle function or at any event where circle members congregate as a group.

3. Got a problem with a person, take it up with that person face to face. Not involving everyone in it, if you can't work it out between you, then take it to the High Priestess. But remember Her word is law, so you must follow her decision.

4. We request that everyone have a ritual robe for circle work. We do not follow Gardner or Alexander, so "sky clad" is out. Talk to an INNER CIRCLE member for specifics on colors of robes, as some colors are reserved for specific degrees. Just as some jewelry items and swords are used to mark ranking achievements.

5. We follow a ranking system, with a Permanent High Priestess and an alternating High Priest. (Until we find a High Priest that we are comfortable with and who will be responsible in their job) We ask that you remember that the High Priest and High Priestess are the embodiment, on the physical plane, of the Lord and Lady. Please be respectful to them as you would the God and Goddess

6.We believe in BALANCE and as such, see the role of the God and Goddess as interdependent and necessary to the existence of the other. We feel that The God is just as important in roles, as the Goddess. So we encourage both sexes to become familiar with their respective roles and the roles of their counterparts.

7. When the grove/coven is open and we meet monthly for Full moons, dedicants and those of higher rank may join in. Some full moons may be skiped due to weather or health issues, if this is the case there will be a post full moon meeting at the chat site where people may talk, share and exchange ideas and energy.Sabbats are restricted to 1st degree and up, unless otherwise notified, yet usually everyone is invited if they want to come so ask :-). The actual grove/coven is closed and those who are actual members may vote.

8. High Priestess has the right to "talk" with you as she deems fit. She is your spiritual leader and as such is deserving of your respect.

9. We encourage you to continue "growing" in the craft and in reaching new levels of insight and rank, so study as knowledge is power

10. We encourage donations to the grove from its members. Donations of time, energy, talents and of course money. Remember EMERALD DOOR & DREAM KEEP is yours also, you get out of it what you put in, a life lesson in Balance.

11. When enough members are interested in one particular area, and with the approval of the High Priestess, they may form a Guild. You are encouraged to become involved in "Guilds," of your particular interest, outside of Class and Circle. We would greatly enjoy reports from your Guild on what your particular group is active in.

12. HONOR- we ask that you live an honorable life. One in which your word is your bond, and you are knowledgeable on the Ways of the Craft. One in which you are dependable and available when needed. A Life you can present to others in an open and educated way, and that your character is above reproach.

One last thing, decorum within the circle. There are times that serious things happen in the circle, like Drawing Down, and one needs to be reverent at this time. Yet there are times when laughing is allowed and even encouraged. Remember the Bright Lady and Lord have a wonderful sense of humor and laughter is the most healing salve one can use. So Come join in the merriment of life and the magick of living.

May you forever walk in the Sun Light and Moon Glow.

Lady Wolfen Mists