Spiritual Emergency Kits as directed by the ALBs
Notice: All Items MUST be checked for color Fastness, may leave stains as Oils and herbs might cause problems

Spiritual Emergency Kit
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Lifted up oil (for reaching a Higher State of Being) This oils is based in the Light and aids one in exactly what it is called. It lifts up the mind, body and soul helping one to reach the Higher State of Being and make contact in any and all situations with that self. So if you have depressions, anger, confusion with what is going on about you or feel in a spiritual crisis (etc.) this oil will aid you in finding the truth of all things and what is best for you and Lift you up from it

Angel Feathers - For there are many Light Workers in need, who will be and are now being assaulted and oppressed by the Darkness. They need a sign to hold onto to help them fight off this Dark Night and so began the Angelic Feather Project. Each Feather has been ritually programmed and cleansed, then blessed by the Angels. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel just to name a few have made sure their energies flow through each and every feather.

Banishing Bath Salt - Use to aid in banishing negative energies and gossip.

Unwavering Faith water-
Be sure to shake and refrigeratee before use-
To increase Faith in the worst situations, to seal cracks in armor that negativity seeps in

My Angelic Strength Spray-
Be sure to shake and refrigeratee before use--
Strength from the Universe when we enter places that cause us fear, depression and uncertainty, pain. This blesses you with the Strength of a legion of Angels of the Lighted Positive path against the negative dark beings and energies

Ascension floor/body wash- - Used to aid in the positive growth and enlightenment of the user. Often said to make things clearer in ones life and adds a deeper understanding of obstacles placed in that person’s life.

Broken Wings Oil- (for aid in Healing the body and soul, protection) Can Be used Long Distance. For those who are in need of soul and physical repair. It is meant to help those who need healing, those who have lost their way. To help regain the spirit of those that have fallen or are beaten down in what seems beyond repair. Also for the protection of those we care for; the small, the helpless, the hurting.

Armor of Light Powder - - Enhances an armor of Light about the user. It can be used on anything or anyone or anyplace, aiding in building an impenetrable Armor of Light on the Etheric/astral level and not allowing negative energies to penetrate it.

Walk With The Lady Potpourri- - The recipe came from one of my dreams and astral travels in which I was before the Lady and we were walking in the deep lush green forest. It was a wonderful time where much ancient information was shared and the direction of my life (and my mission here) was clarified. A wonderful accessory to your magickal everyday life. Use this potpourri to aid in your meditations and in your attempts to speak with the Lady and draw upon her wisdom and energy, in making decisions in your life as well as asking for guidance in your life.

Hecate’s Shield sacred salts---Carry in bag- An impenetrable shield from The Dark Mother (who is loving like your grandmother, not negative to those She loves.) She who protects you and keeps you safe from all things negative, hurtful, and unwarranted. She is Justice in all things. Let Her justice fall as it may and let Her bring you that which you most need

Invincible Wall Granular Incense - It aids in setting up an invincible wall that aids in keeping you out of the target area and sends these negative attentions and energies back to where they came from.

Charged candles Tea Lights - Candle’s charged to aid in keeping your head above water as you feel overwhelmed by life and the obstacles thrown at you. To keep your thought close to the source and to aid you in getting through it all with as little stress and pain as possible

Charged sacred Pendent - Tool imbued with positive energies to cut through it all, to aid in Seeing the truth. To keep you as close to the positive source as possible, safely in the palms of their hands (whatever you perceive the Creator to be.) A cutting tool you can touch and wear when you need a bit more strength, to help relieve stress and aid you in centering and grounding in your spiritual walk. Keeps negativity from being able to pry you from your committed beliefs and stand in life.

Option 1 Full Set
Option 2 Small set
Lifted up oil
7.77----2 dram
3.50 ----1 dram
Angel feathers
Banishing Bath Salt
4.75 3x5 zip bag
2.25 ˝ 3x5 zip
Unwavering Faith water
6.99-----2 oz bottle
3.50 ----1 oz bottle
My Angelic Strength Spray
13.99-----8 oz bottle
3.50 ----2 oz bottle
Ascension wash
7.99-----8 oz bottle
2.00 ----2 oz bottle
Broken Wings oil -
7.77---2 dram
3.75 --- 1 dram
Armor of Light Powder -
13.99---- shaker
7.00 ----half bag 3x5 zip bag
Walk With The Lady Potpourri
6.99 ----- 3x5 zip bag
3.50 -----˝ 3x5 zip
Hecate’s Shield Sacred Salt
13.99-----8 oz
3.50 ----3x5 flat zip
Invincible Wall Granular Incense
8.99-----3x5 zip bag
4.50 ----1/2 3x5 bag
Charged tealight candle
5.00 ---- for 2
2.50 ----for one
Charged Sacred Pendent
Valued At
Option 1---$107.21
Option 2 ----$48.49
Your Cost




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