Spells For Beginners

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This page now contains:
Money Spell at the top of page

Easy Protection spell at bottom of page

As time allows I will be adding a few more spells for beginners to give a try, so try us again

Money Spell
Items Needed:
  • 5 -- Orange taper candles
  • 5 -- Green taper candles
  • 1 -- Wealth and Success Oil to dress candles
  • Candle Holders and matches
This spell is used to draw needed money to you. It can be cast at any moon phase, however the new or full moon is best. Just a quick word before we continue, on need vs. greed. When you have a genuine need for, not just want. This is true of greedy and let that energy take over your spellcasting. A key point in all spellcasting is balance. Either way, balance in the needs and emotions, it is still BALANCE. Being unbalanced allows negative energies into the overall picture, and is self destructive. So only ask for those things that you really need, and maintain the positive healthy balance inside!

Now we can continue. Dress all five (5) orange candles,if you don't know how to dress a candle go to (candle dressing link)
visualizing the candles as magnets, attracting money to you. "See" this happen! Dress all five (5) green while visualizing them as a symbol of growth.

Place one (1) green candle and one (1) orange candle in the center of the altar, side by side. Light these. Place the other four (4) orange and green candles around the center candles, making a circle. Light these candles from the one that's already lit of their color. Remember to continue to visualize the entire time. Say the following after all the candles are lit:

"Gold and silver that I need,
Hear my words and take heed.
Candles burning, oh so bright,
Help relieve my final plight.This amount that I do say, (amount),
Will help to keep the bill collectors away.
I ask for help not out of greed.
Yet gold and silver, (amount), is what I need."

Let the candles burn for fifteen (15) - twenty (20) minutes. Then snuff out the candles with the candle snuffer. Open a window so that smoke can escape. Clean up and put away. Your spell has been cast.Clean up and put away. Your spell has been cast.


Easy Spell For protection
(c) Lady Wolfen Mists july 1994

You need:

1 piece of Black obsidian

1 white or purple candle

1 Sandalwood Stick of incense or Nag Champa incense

1 vial of Protection Oil or Dragon's Blood Oil or a combination of the both

1 candle holder and matches

On the new moon or full moon, take your candle (one that you have already dressed with the protection oil or the dragons blood oil, if you don't know how to dress a candle go to (candle dressing link)
and place it in an area that it can burn, undisturbed for about 15-20 minutes (total burn time for spell). In front of a window if possible, but not necessary, set your candle and items you need for the spell.

Make sure the candle can sit in an area that it doesn't catch fire to anything else as it burns. Now light the candle and let it burn while you do the rest of the spell. At the same table where the candle is burning, pick up the obsidian and visualize it having all the qualities of protection that you may need( i.e. a shield or wall or some such item). "See," "know" or "visualize" it washing away all the negative energies that may be close to you, or touching you, or following you.

Next, open the oil that you have chosen to use, and put some on the stone and on your hands, just a bit is fine it doesn't have to be lathered in it.. Continue visualization here, see the oil as an impenetrable barrier between you and the negative energies. Once this is done and you have "VISUALIZED" strongly (visualization is the key to success, the stronger the visualization the better the level of success) light the incense.

Allow the incense to flow up into the room and around yourself, while holding the stone. Allow the incense smoke to encircle you and then to cleanse your workspace the same way. Once this is done place the incense in its burner and allow it to burn until it goes out. Now, while holding the stone, pass the stone through the flame of the candle in a right to left manner, careful not to burn yourself here. Do this 3 times, the whole time saying aloud what you want the stone to do for you, in this case protect you from negative energies and such.

Once this is completed lay the stone in front of the candle, as close to the table edge as possible, then allow the candle to burn for another 10 -15 minutes. You need not be present at this stage but remember it's never smart to go off and leave a candle burning. When the time has passed pick up the stone again. Say the following while :

"It is as I have said,

All things are as I need!

This spell is done.


Now take the candle to a window or a doorway and allow the smoke to waft out the opening as you blow it out. Next put the candle back on the table and pick up the incense and walk CLOCK_WISE around the room 9 times or 13 times. This seals your spell, if there is any incense left allow it to burn out. Pick up the stone and either carry it with you for protection or place it in a specific area you wish to protect. That's it! Just clean up and your protection spell is set. If you feel the need to re-energize the spell all you need do is light a candle (the color you used to begin the spell) and place the stone in front of the burning candle. You can also use the oil of previous choice (i.e. Protection or Dragons Blood or a combination of both) to re-energize your spell. Now for those of you who need to know exactly when to re-energize your spell I say the rule of thumb is when the stone starts to get 'sticky' and 'ishy' feeling, this shows that it has been working alot against negative energies. If that's still not good enough, I say re-energize on the full moon, every 3 months. That's not written in stone it's just a guide.