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Greeting Friends,
I am so excited to be able to offer these wonderful items to you. We now have these books ready for your little hands, They are available right now from our store front at Lulu. Please check our store front

The link to the Lulu site is also attached to the cost of each book, all you need do to order is click the red price and it will take you directly to the order page so you can order if you like.

Here is whats ready now. Books you can enjoy

The Adventures of Knobbly Vol.1
by Addy Venture & A. Bud Dee
These are the stories of Knobbly, a grey squirrel, who lives in the Misty Forest. He is a most precocious (eager and curious) little adventurer, who goes out in to the world for the first time. He meets new friends, learns to live on his own and even spends time loving the magick of life as he celebrates the Winter Solstice in the Faery Village. Come join Knobbly through his adversity, joys and triumphs and learn all he has to share. What wonderful escapades await you in the covers of this book. Now open your heart and let the magick of the universe unfold!
Printed: 102 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

Cost: $16.51


"Stop Kickin' My Chair"
by Lady Wolfen Mists
This is a delightful series of encounters with Angels who came into my life to share the Lighted path with so many in need. I call them Angel Like Beings or ALBs to keep my ego in check. One Angel in particular (Michael) takes me under his wings (kickin my chair) and shows me the Beauty and Love of the Universe. We as light workers are in a constant battle with the Darkness. Herein you may find the keys to our success as Children of the Light and affirming words to lift us up from our darkest hours, and trust me I have had some dark ones. Come and read my journeys and let them touch your souls and hearts, as I learn to serve the positive Lighted path with all my heart.
Printed: 154 pages, 8.5" x 11"

Cost: $21.93


A Note on Knobbly & Stop Kickin My Chair Covers

I also want to make a comment on the wonderful covers we have for Knobbly and Stop Kickin' My Chair, even though he didnt want me to. These great pieces of art (which will take your breath away) were created for us by our wonderful friend Robert Mendoza. he is simply an amazing artist but also a light in this dark world. Please check out his work at and buy something, I really feel it is an investment and it brings beauty and Joy into your life.


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