Tricks to Psychic Self defense

(c) Lady Wolfen Mists 2009

Tricks to Psychic Self defense

Every one always asks how can I defend myself from the Psychic Vampires, the dark ones and the things that go bump in the night? Well its not that hard on the psychic level here are a few tried and true ways

The Lighted Disk

In your minds eye see a .50cent size circle of light in the middle of the palms of your hands (one in each) and one on the 3rd eye space (that’s right between and a tiny bit above your eye brows). See these places begin to vibrate and pulsate with light.

You will then pull the positive full force light from the universe, in its complete and entire strength. Filling these disks with that light until it can take no more. As you do this more and more often the time to fill the disks will be cut dramatically.

Next determine where the negative energies are coming from. It will be where you feel cold, tired and worn out from, drained if you will.

Now lift both palms of the hand towards the place that is draining you. This can be done with discretion and you don’t have to put your hands all the way out and front of you like a super hero. No, it can be subtle and work just as well. Also be sure to point your forehead space towards the problem as well.

With feet planted well on the ground, to allow a good connection let go of the energy you have been containing. “See” a line of Light flow through the air and “hit” the problem in question. Continue to do this with the energy full force from the universe and watch the problem begin to struggle and try to run from the light. (Be sure to continue to fill and draw light from the universe to your lighted disks so you can make ready second and third shots.)

Within a few minutes the problem will HAVE TO LEAVE because the situation becomes to uncomfortable as it implodes within the light and is lit up removing all the negative energy it had been emitting towards you.

When you are finished tone down the energy you are bringing in until you shut it off completely. Take your hand of power (Always your right hand no matter what hand you use) and direct all remaining energy through it, again in a discrete manner. This discharges the light from your body into the floor and lights up the area in a protective bubble like shield. This act not only clears you it makes sure your psychic self-defense for this area is sealed and active even when you are doing other things. You’re done here and your task has been accomplished.

Aura/Chakra Manipulation

When you wish to make ready for an attack, like when you sleep and you are physically unaware heres a technique that is helpful, it called Aura/Chakra Manipulation.

What you do is before you go to sleep generate a good amount of power to make your aura tingle abit, but not enough to keep you awake. Just a nice lazy buzz if you will. To do this just think of an open water spigot and see yourself adjusting the water you want to release. Find the level that just gives you a nice slow even flow or drip.

Next say out loud so the subconscious mind hears this,

“As I walk in the dreamtime, let my Aura and Chakras act as levels of protection from the many misaligned entities out there. Let no one and nothing negative touch me, I am protected by the light of all that is loving and positive.”

Next get ready for bed and relax your physical body is done for the night; now the aura takes over and its many levels of existence on many planes are awoken to your instructions.

If you are attacked by a night visitor who wishes to feed off you or do you harm, it will stop it. See you have set it up much like an electric fence which will buzz lowly as a warning but at the first sign of attack it will zap anything’s bottom with full 100% strength and then some. It will work tirelessly for you, as you sleep not drawing anything from you, only from the energy of the universe, so there are no side effects to you.

Oh and even if one level of the aura was to be infiltrated by negativity, the other levels would fill in and chase or remove the offending entry. There are many many levels of chakra (energy vibrational centers) not to mention the meridians that work in tandem with them. So this technique is pretty much fool proof for safety as you sleep. That’s it nothing more to do even on waking, your all set.

Wrapping them up

This is easy and to the point, no muss no fuss. You are being attacked, drained! You feel it! Look toward the person or entity that it seems to be coming from. Backtrack the “ribbon” that seems to be feeding off you, keeping the light held back a bit so it doesn’t race down the ribbon to the entity until your ready.

To do this “see” the energy being sent to you to drain you, light this ribbon up with positive light from the universe. Follow it all the way back to the sender.

Once the sender is found you allow the light to flow right into the entity. This acts as a light switch inside the entity that is intent on doing you harm and causes them to be immersed in Loving Light energy. Of these entities you may find that many may run from the returning light (these are the dark one who have chosen no part of the light.) Others may act silly or drunk when the light surrounds them, (these are entities who don’t really know what they are doing and are just feeding randomly without meaning to cause harm.)

Just let the light enfold them for about 3-5 minutes then shut it off. You will feel a huge difference and your tasks of Psychic Self defense is done. There is no need for grounding here because the energy has already discharged and grounded when you enveloped the entity.


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