Scents of Magick

List of Scents, Oils & Resins

Lady Wolfen Mists 1997

The following is a list of oils & resins commonly used for incense. In magick these items have accepted magickal attributes that have been pasted down for generations. This list is by no means exhaustive in nature, but does give you information to draw from. These attributes may not be the only ones, meaning there may be others, however they are the attributes I most often use the specific item for. Once more I must include this statement for legal reasons:

Pursuant to current US Postal service regulations and other State & Fed. Laws, Silver Hoof Inc. is unable to make claims as to the effectiveness of the products sold on this web page, or in their catalog, for medicinal, health or occult purposes. The information has been provided for your reference and is from historical/traditional uses. This information is intended to help you make informed decisions, NOT AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR COMPETENT MEDICAL CARE. We are merely offering you historical/alternative and traditional items for your informed usage

Another quick caution!!! Do not put PURE essential oils on the body without diluting it with a carrier oil, such as grapeseed, as it could cause a Skin reaction or burn.


Amber- Finding true love, comfort, happiness, and tissue regeneration & general healing.

Ambergris- Used to increase psychic powers, dreams, and as a very powerful aphrodisiac. Traditionally ambergris was a product of the Sperm Whale. True ambergris it is difficult to find, due to whales being on the endangered species list. I find it a comfort that society is beginning to no longer approve of the killing of animals for such non essential products as oils The ambergris sold in our store is artificial, but smells wonderful and is an appropriate substitute for ambergris from whales. In this case I wold rather use non-essential oil than a real one and know that the animal that it came from wasn't hurt.

Apple Blossom- A guide to happiness, love, friendship, look inside your dreams for the answer.

Bayberry- Use for general protection, to make wishes come true, to gain prosperity.

Benzoin- Especially powerful for astral projection.

Bergamot- Especially good to draw money. Adds attraction to wearer, as well as prosperity. Good for those suffering from depression as it aids in uplifting of spirits.

Carnation- Worn or burnt for protection, strength, lust.

Cedarwood- Used in purification, protection. I have found it a powerful aid in unhexing a person, place or item.

Cinnamon- Great for purification & emotional stimulation. Aids in gaining wealth and prosperity. Brings business success! Gives control over astral projection.

Citronella- Use for cleansing an open space. Used in unhexing or turning back negative energies sent to you. Caution...don't use indoors, has a strong odor.

Clove- pain relief, intellectual stimulation, business success, wealth and Prosperity, divination, exorcism, protection, psychic awareness.

Copal- This is an ancient resin used to find true love, purify, links user to Higher Power(s) Also used in protection rites, exorcism rites, astral work

Cypress- Aids in finding a safe place and in finding comfort, healing. Aids in getting in touch with the citizens of the swamp.

Ditty of Crete- Used as a sexual stimulant when worn or burnt. Aids in Astral projection and helps one to remember where they went.

Dragon's Blood- Tradition tells that when carried this protects the person from a fiery/explosive death. Used in any type of unwanted spirit removal (i.e. poltergeist, exorcism) one of the best used to break spells and hex's, curses. This is an extremely powerful resin and just by its us adds immense amounts of power to any other magical item (oils, herbs or resins) used.

Eucalyptus- Powerful for healing respiratory conditions, purification, protection.

Frankincense- One of the oldest resins used to increase receptive powers to spirituality. Allows user to become one with higher self for a short time (while in use). Said to be used by Spirit Warriors as it adds to astral strength, courage & protection.

Gardenia- Used to show the frailty of the human soul. When using meditate on the inter-conectedness of the universe and all things it contains, you will find much wisdom here! Also used to accomplish peace.

Ginger- Use to bring success and fame. It is an invigorating odor that stimulates lust & love. Used in sex magick to increase magickal power.

Hibiscus- Traditionally used in divination by a person who is an oracle. The odor produces a trance like state when it is burnt, this smell over whelms the Oracle who is able to use her/his abilities more proficiently. Should be used by advanced students and not beginners, as it does take a lot of energy from the user. Can also be used to draw love and soul group together.

Honeysuckle- Major money drawer. Increases and hones psychic powers, draws witches together and forms lasting friendships.

Hyacinth- Draws happiness and helps to quite a loud unhappy household

Jasmine- A wonderful all round odor! Can be used to find and draw that love to you. Good to aid in interpretation of dreams, Aids in gaining ancient wisdom's, enhances all types of astral/dreamwork skills. Used to help fantasy (positive in nature) to become physical (real).

Juniper- This is a calming scent. In the magickal realm it is used for protection & healing

Lavender- A powerful scent used to aid in the relief of migraines. Often used in a sick room to cleanse the air and the space of any negative (sick) energies. This is one of the few oils that can be applied directly to the body with out carrier oil.

Lemon- This is another oil often used in a sick room to cleanse the air and the space of any negative (sick) energies. It can also be used in general house cleaning, mix with water the desired amount and clean away. Works great and smells so very fresh.

Lemongrass- This scent aids in mental clarity and is said to enhance psychic powers. It is also used in protection.

Lilac- This is one of my favorite scents, it is calming and soothing. In magick it is used to ward off any negativity and forces unwanted negative energies to dissipate. It aids in past life recall and stimulates the memories of why you are here.

Lotus- This is used many times to aid in the opening of blocked or misalign chakra points. It has been used to aid in lifting one out of depression as it is said to aid in mood elevation. It is a highly spiritual scent and has been used in spiritual healings as well as intense meditation Can be used with great success by beginners!

Magnolia- Aids on in clear sight and "seeing" where they have come from and how far they are now. This scent draws all nature to you, woodland creatures, fairies, spirits, sprites, devas, as well as trees and plants. A wonderful scent to use when wanting to speak with the God/dess of the forest!

Musk- Traditionally used as a sexual aphrodisiac. Aids in seeing the inner truth of things, however painful that may be. Used to gain courage.

Myrrh- Another of the ancient highly spiritual resins. Aids in protection from witch craft, meditation, sacred consecration.

Neroli- Use to gain and retain confidence, especially good when asking for a raise. Also used to aid in relief of insomnia, and other sleep disorders.

Orange- This is another oil often used in a sick room to cleanse the air and the space of any negative (sick) energies. Also used in divination, to draw love & luck.

Patchouli- This is a powerful scent used in personal growth and in grounding. Also to stimulate the chakras by its warm & sensual scent, VERY EARTHY.

Pennyroyal- A purifying scent. Also used to aid in healing past life issues

Peppermint- energy, mental stimulant, exorcism, healing.

Pine- Used grounding and accessing the plant realm. Helps to strengthen the body & spirit by cleansing the mind, body and soul, then re-aligning the energies.

Rose- The best all around scent used for love & fertility.

Rose Geranium- Used to increase courage & protection.

Rosemary- Traditionally used in remembrance of those who have crossed over.

Sage- Traditionally used to gain wisdom, clarity, purification. Also used in house cleansings.

Sandalwood- Another ancient scent often used in house blessings and house cleansing. It can also be used as anointing oil or consecration oil.

Strawberry- Used to stimulate the appetite. Aids in animal "talk' so that the user can speak and understand animals. However you must have some abilities in this area to begin with.

Sweet Pea- This is an oil that isn't found as an essential as no real sweet pea oils really exists. However the oil that has been created to represent sweet pea oil can be a combination of specific essentials (called blended oils) Traditionally it is used to find friendship and for protection of children.

Vanilla- Traditionally used to induce lust & keep a lover. Used to enhance mental powers.

Vetivert - traditionally used in removing curses. Brings peace to the soul in turmoil. Also draws serenity and prosperity.

Violet- Aids in understanding the wisdom of the centuries and the mysteries of the ages. An excellent healing oil.

Yarrow- Use for Dreamwork, & psychic endeavors, increases abilities by 50%.

Ylang-Ylang- Use to add harmony and balance to any person or place or situation, and increases the feeling of well-being in the user. Excellent for people who are agoraphobic