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Every one has a spirit guide. Some of us are more "in tune" with our inner self than others so we are more aware of them. But rest assured even if you have never met your spirit Guide it's been there all along. Guiding you in subtle ways, helping you and teaching you. With the help of these Spirit Guides we can experience the emotional, physical and spiritual lessons of this life with the help of someone or something that cares for us and who truly has our best interest at heart. Through this interchange and interaction we are able to improve and enrich the insight we gain from the karmic lessons, struggles and ordeals that become parts of our everyday lives. These Spirit Guides help us see how such experiences can be elevated beyond the physical and examined as a spiritual message.

There are many types of Spirit Guides for many many various reasons, but for now we will look a 5 basic types.

Spirit Helpers

The first I like to call Spirit Helpers. These are usually animals, much like power animals in shamanism. There are usually three (3) basic animals at a time that are a part of you, that aid in making up who you are at that very moment in time. Now there can be more but I have found that there are at least 3 that are yours especially.

Let me explain further. There can be such animals as a bear in your personality make up. Bear is there to teach you introspection's as well as assertive qualities and protectiveness. Maybe Otter is found in your make up also, otter teaches feminine traits and fun. Then maybe horse follows.

Horse is raw power! Power of creation and of putting into manifestation all the ideas you have. These animals help make up who you are at that moment and can be called upon to aid you in accessing their characteristics and qualities. They help you understand and come into balance with all around you. These animals may reside at your safe place, they can not be owned they simply come to you because of a need and you should be greatly honored that they choose to work with you not for you. There is much to learn from spirit helpers, listen and learn.

Now Spirit Helpers stay for as long as they deem the need to be, then another may take their place. Some stay a lifetime or many life times while others just visit for a stage in your journey. All may be accessed and talked to in your safe place at any time.

Before you ask, such animals I speak of here does not have to be Earth reality based. Yes you can have Dragons, Griffins & Unicorns and others of which the likes we do not know. In any case they are a real part of you and as such deserve your respect and your acknowledgment and your thanks.

Guides who you knew on Earth plane

The second Type of spirit guides are Earth Based Spirits who have crossed. This can be anyone from a relative to the Old lady down the street to a friend but they are someone you knew in this lifetime. Someone who was active in your life and who aided you. That person you could always call on for help and they would answer. They are still active in your life after they "cross" and still try to guide you and help you in any way they can

Guides from a Past Life

The third type are people from past lives. They are usually from your soul group, meaning that you have spent many lives together incarnating often at the same time. They are at the same level of spiritual advancement as you are and are "soul friends."

They are there to aid you in "getting" your lessons so you can continue to spiritually advance. They are usually intertwined in helping you get through all the past life karmic issues (both positive and negative, remember Karma isn't just bad.) They guide you in realizing the gifts and talents you have stored away from achievements in past lives.

They pretty much aid you seeing the full essence of the self and in growing and adding to the aspect of who and what you truly are, for that is their main jobÖto help you grow and reach higher spiritual levels.

Guides from a Other Planes and Dimensions

The fourth type of spirit Guide is often misunderstood. They are beings that are not from our time or place. They can be from other planets or even other dimensions. The problem with many of these beings is that they do not look like anything we have ever seen before so they scare us. We think of them as monsters and such.

Remember when you were a child and you used to see "boogie men" at night, maybe coming out of the closet. No one ever believed you but you know they were real and they were there at the foot of your bed. You were drawn to these spirits, but at the same time there was fear and panic associated with them, cause they came to you at night when you were alone.

Such beings may have been spirit guides from other places. Why did they come to a child? Because a child is open and sees many things that we as adults have been socially programmed not to see. They came to make contact with you, but upon realizing the fear you associate with them they ceased to "show" themselves to you. But donít take that to mean they donít still interact with you on a more spiritual level. They are ready to make themselves known to you when you can accept them without such fear. So donít be astounded if you meet your spirit guide and it resembles a childhood "monster" it has been there many years looking out for you and helping you succeed.

Just a quick personal note; It has been my experience (and the same for many of my students) that many healers see and remember such visitors from child hood. Then upon meeting some of their healing guides they are face to face with them once more. These advanced beings from other planes and dimensions have much knowledge to share, especially healing knowledge and are kind, loving and compassionate despite their appearance. The key here to seeing if this is a gentle being is your intuition, if once in its presence you feel "icky" then follow that and leave. If however as many report, after getting through the initial shock of the appearance they feel warm and loving light from the guide then you know this is a caring being who has your best interest at heart.

Master Guides

The final Spirit Guides we will take a look at is considered Master Guides. These are guides that are assigned to special people who are destined to be Spiritual Leaders, or Avatars. This master guide is several spiritual planes above you and helps you learn to lead. They guide you in making the best possible decisions, grant wisdom when needed and instills a respectable ethical standard in your very soul. They aid you in making you a clear connection to the Goddess and God and help you to receive clear messages from them. They also hold classes on the astral/dreamtime where you attend and teach you many of the great mysteries spiritual leaders need to know. They teach you how to 'give ' this information to others in the best possible way and aid you in the accession process of your own spiritual well being and evolution. It is an awesome task to be a spiritual Leader and not for everyone, these guides make such a task easier.

May you always walk in Moon Glow & Sun Light

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