stone list

Stone List



By Lady Wolfen Mists 1997

Pursuant to State & Federal Laws, Silver Hoofs Inc. is unable to make claims as to the effectiveness of the products sold on their web page, catalog, or in their store, for medicinal, health or occult purposes. The information given here has been provided for your reference and is from historical/traditional uses. This information is intended to help you make informed decisions, NOT AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR COMPETENT MEDICAL CARE, you should always seek the help of a qualified medical physician when needed. We are merely offering you historical/alternative and traditional items for your informed usage.

Agate: Blue ---Use to aid in riding pollen headache Add serenity & tranquillity to an area/person

Agate: Botswan---Use for connection to plant & animal Life. Adds strength to other stones you may be using

Agate: Moss---Use for past life regression, happiness

Amazonite--- Aids in bringing Money and Luck. Used by those taking a chance to insure success

Amber---Aids in drawing disease from body tissue, strengthens brain tissue

Amethyst--- A Higher Spiritual Stone, gives direct connection to Higher self and God/dess. Aids in ending addictions

Apache Tear--- Provides psychic protection and grounding, A MUST with Onyx

Apatite ---Used to allowing one to speak clearly, opens throat chakra. Used to aid in vision seeking. A must for Priestess, traditionally handed from one Priestess to another.

Aqua Aura --- Enhances all works and interactions. Best for focusing, meditation, & adding strength to healing works

Aquamarine--- Use to aid in the reduction of fluid retention, also said to reduce balding. Aids in learning about yourself as you make the inner journey into your center. Aids in the understanding those universal truths that you will find.

Aventurine --- Give's tremendous amount of energy, carries the healing power of the earth

Azurite Used in divination, aids psychic abilities, Dream work & visions

Black Obsidian---- Called the "Wizard Stone" Negativity can't co-exist around this stone. It exists at more than one dimension at a time. Excellent door opener for self and psychic senses. A must for all psychics

Bloodstone ---Provides mental balance and increases courage, aids in healing. Attracts money.

Bronzite ---"Stone of Courtesy" Aids with decisiveness and resolve. Aids in giving courage to the act of doing

Carnelian ---Fertility, sex stone. Improves sense of touch and increases inner knowledge

Chrysocolla ----Stone of Peace, Love & wisdom. Soothes the emotions. Drives away Illusions and unreasonable fears.

Citrine ---Increases awareness and control of mind and emotions. Prevents nightmares

Clear Quartz--- Used to provide a oneness with the earth, toning and healing. Works well with Aura work as well as many other areas where the aura is involved.

Dumortierite ---Also called "Denim Lapis" Used to reduce excitability and eliminates stubbornness, yet aids in "standing up" for yourself. Excellent stone for patience and aids in helping to see reality is an illusion and illusion is a reality

Fluorite ---A must for good control over astral travels. Brings Higher realities to the physical plane. Expands mental power and increases life force

Garnet ---Best Stone for Love, Luck, Wealth, Strength

Geodes--- Aids in Childbirth and during pregnancy. Gives a sense of oneness to the vast universe. Related to the Great mother Goddess

Green Phase--- Excellent to aid in recovery from trauma of moving between major life phases (i.e. birth, marriage, retirement, death, job changes, break ups, etc.)

Hawk's Eye ---Aids in giving insight. Allows one to see with the clarity of a hawk and the wisdom of an eagle.

Hematite--- "Recorder Stone" records what's around it much like a video, just ask the stone to give up its images. Needs cleaned often

Herkimer Diamond---Cleans static from aura, cleans toxins from physical body. Good for dream work.

Iolite --- "Violet Stone" Major stone to use for 3rd eye during healings, Guided meditations, astral travels, worn to ensure accuracy of a vision

Jade---Projects unconditional universal Love, aids in upset stomachs

Jasper (general)---Good for health protection and beauty. Used to aid in the development of a child during pregnancy and after birth

Leopard Skin Jasper---Holy stone, aids in the balance of the world and the self, light and dark, yin and yang

Lepidolite---Good for restful sleep, stops nightmares. Produces a relaxing environment

Lepidolite With Rubellite--- Red tourmaline Produces softly passionate influence. Activates love & devotion in a balanced way

Mahogany Obsidian--- Inhibits development of negative energies in everyday life, excellent to aid in settling negative energies in the work place

Malachite --- Powerful healing stone can be used with azurite & Chrysocolla. Absorbs negativity & stress of the day. Will crack or break when it absorbs too much

Mochi Balls --- Iron & sandstone. Used to align the energy centers, relieve blockages, provide protection. Best used in pairs

Moldavite --- Tektite. DO NOT Cleanse with Salt, use Water! Conductive to healing, works well with the 3rd eye. Aids in seeing more clearly on all levels of being

Moonstone--- Blends and balances emotions, "Goddess Stones" Good for stress relief and any moon based cycles (i.e. depression, P.M.S.)

Onyx (black)--- Induces Visions. VERY POWERFUL NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS. Must use Apache Tears to aid in balance of this stone. Used alone it can burn holes into the Auric body

Peacock Rock --- (Bornite) Synthesis of all chakras & can be used to activate individual chakras. Called the stone of Happiness directing happy experiences into your life. High energy stone aids in recovery from illness or surgery

Peridot ---Used to aid in opening all levels of the spirit body mind. Aids in strengthening the physical body & adds stamina. Carried or worn by persons who have problems with heart, liver, thyroid, etc.

Petrified Wood --- Good for long life, past life regression. Also carried as a charm against drowning

Paua Shell ---- Extremely physically energizing and stimulating. Allows one to call and work with water elements

Red Jasper --- Best anti-witchcraft stone going. Helps protect from hexes and curses. Protects from negative occult energies directed at you

Rose Quartz --- Provides a link to Universal Love, self esteem.

Rhodachrosite---- Cleans and amplifies the aura

Rhodonite --- Aids in finding the hearts desire and brings that hearts desire to you. Aids in self-actualization, improves sense of hearing, sound sensitive

Ruby (opaque) --- "Stone of Nobility" Aids in mental concentration. Encourages discussions not violence. EXCELLENT shielding Stone, protects on all levels from psychic attacks

Rutilated Quartz--- Aids in resistance to aging & cellular breakdown. Good for flexibility. Regenerator of plants, animals, minerals. Said to increase existence energies projected by wear 10x's

Serpentine --- Enhances deep meditative state. Aids in rise of Kundalini energies. Use to clear clouded chakras and stimulates crown chakra

Smokey Quartz --- Aids in depression, grounding, increases endurance

Snowflake Obsidian --- Used in times of change for a balanced attitude. Use inmeditation, teleporation, Astral travel, psychic connection. Reconnection to soul group, planet. Aids in psychic hearing

Sodalite--- A strong psychic stone, aids in accessing the sacred laws of the universe. Aids in self esteem, self trust and general trust. Used as a substitute for lapis

Sugalite --- "New Age Stone" Aids in bringing out well being of mind & body. Helps to understand "why" you are here. Eliminates negative feelings and aids in believing in oneself represents spiritual love

Tekites ---- Talisman of great power brings wealth and fertility. Aids in linking up with positive beings to the earth plane. Balances fe/male properties. Aids in gathering knowledge through out life times past and present

Thulite---- Used to aid in successful dramatic presentations. Aids in understanding ones real self and nurturing that self to grow.

Tiger Eye: Gold --- Aids in the self-presentation in the everyday environment (i.e. job, romance) Aids in insight

Tiger Eye: Cherry---- "Actors Stone" Aids in the presentation of the public self. Allows clarity of thought with sensitivity to the needs of the audience.

Tiger Eye: Blue---- Aids in giving insight. Allows one to see with the clarity of a hawk and the wisdom of an eagle

Tiger Iron--- (Tiger Eye, Red Jasper & Hematite) Combines these stones properties. Also aids in finding a "safe place" when there is danger present.

Topaz--- Worn to induce weight loss. Used to relieve fears, anger, greed, control temper and balance all disturbing thoughts and emotions

Tremolite--- Repels negativity, improves the creative mental process. Excellent for those who are experience grief, helps to get through the pain

Turquoise --- Tons have been written on this stone, basically a Holy Stone. Use to aid in healing, bringing courage and money, love, friendship, success, luck. When in doubt you can't go wrong with this stone

Unakite---- Aids in balancing the emotional body, bringing the higher self to this level. Aids in re-birthing, moving blockages of past events. Moving blockages that stop or inhibit growth of the soul. Use to aid in putting on weight, in areas wanted. Aids in health of an unborn child