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Midnight Son

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Our newest addition to the family and Lady Shadow Stalkers baby, Sir Robin. He is all of 2 pounds and a real sweetie pie, Look at all that fur. Breezy Foal said he was a real little sausage puppy and I have to agree he sure looks like one (hee hee). However he is a papillon (we got hooked on them from our other baby Lady Angel Wings) His daddy is only 4 pounds full grown and his mommy is 6 pounds all grown up. We hope he stays small kinda a "pocket puppy ." He will also be trained to use a litter box and do lots of tricks.
Here are his first pictures, he is only 6 weeks old here and quite a trooper in this cold weather, as he came to us on Feb 10, 2005 and its cold in ND in Feb.


Here is Lady Angel Wings & Sir Robin meeting for the first time. It Wasn't LOVE at first sight cause Angel was afraid of him. She wasnt mean or biting, she just ran away from him every chance she got and he followed after her as fast as he could, thinking it was all great fun and not a clue she was scared to death of him.

Robin unhappy that he has been put in jail unfairly. Is this anyway to treat royalty anyway? Hey, did you guys know I'm a SIR!!!

Sir Robin looking for someone to put up his bail so he might be released early from Jail...No takers??? How about I sing for my supper...We learned very quickly he sure can "sing" loud when he wants to, but we love him tons already even if his singing IS off key

What a day its been, all the traveling and the new family and now the bars have been lifted and I got all the cuddling I could stand , says Sir Robin as he drifts off to doggie la la land.


Feb.11 2005- the next morning-

The night was long and Sir Robin only sang a little while and then slept most of the night. We didnt want him to catch cold so we put a sweater on him. Isnt he just the most dashing fellow!

Just to give you a better idea of his size here he is in the hands of his new mommy! What a tiny little honey he is.

Till Next Time, Blessings to you all!!!


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