In the crossing of a friend-
Words to help a loved one release

Written for Dave, may this act as a tribute to his life that others may find the way easier

(c) Lady Wolfen Mists 2004

Before we begin you will notice I have placed a no right click on this, however IF you e-mail me at silverhoofs.att.net I will be happy to send you a printer friendly version of this in Doc. form.

This is to help in the inevitable crossing of a friend and loved one, to help in letting go and in making it as painless and fearless as possible. That they may ride the waves of light with breathless expectations and feel awash in the loving energies of the Goddess and God (or whatever you see the creator to be)

So walk with me now down this path, as I send these energies out to the universe with love and conviction that they will guide those who need it to the other world.

You see Him in the shadows. You know He is near. A dark tunnel keeps appearing before you and you are terrified to walk it. You fight it off, look away, just look away you scream in your mind. Yet He comes for you, you know it and now you are ready. The pain has wracked your body for to long and you seek release. A return to the spirit that once was and will always be, yet you fear this journey more than a bit.

You cling to hold on not wanting to leave those you love behind, not wanting to walk an unknown path. It is Fear that holds you here… Fear is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Yet know in your heart that He comes in love and in compassion, He reaches out His hand for you and calls your name….

In your weariness you reach out for His strength and power, something for you to lean on just a bit longer. All of a sudden you are no longer afraid, as the smell of fresh mountain honeysuckle and pine and forests and earth surrounds you. Bits of excitement rush over you, you haven't had the energy to be excited about anything in so very very long. You quiver with the happiness at feeling something more than pain and depression and the possibilities that are yet to come. As the Oak Lords touches you again and your pain subsides you are renewed and refreshed, as the newly born fawn at spring. Simply put you are reborn in spirit!

The dark tunnel before you is no longer frightening or intimidating. He speaks to you assuring you there is nothing here to fear and you arise, your body transforms and you change to the Higher Being you were meant to be. For once in many months the fear is gone, there is No hesitation. You have done this before and it is so natural and releases the true essence of you.

For so many years you seemed to have walked in blindness here on earth, only now the true unique creature you are once more joins the spirit, and you are whole and safe and going home. You know all, without having to ask and you are a part of the light! There is no worry over your friends and family for you know they will join you once more when they are ready and you understand the mission and the need of all that you lived and experience. You know that the love you felt and feel will never never die and time as you marked it on earth is a fleeting thing. You have ascended and are on your way home

In the night as you travel to the Light which pulls you, not so much with a need, but with an unconditional love and a sense of ever belonging. A greater knowing of returning and sharing and evolving washes over you and you see Her loving eyes and feel Her enveloping presence as Her sweet voice beckons you "Come Home Beloved One, Come Home."

And you know there is nothing to fear and that you are safe within the arms of the Bright Lady and Lord. That your soul/spirit and essence has made the journey, the cycle has been completed once more. That pain is a thing for the physical body and that you are Loved and Cherished here.


So Dear One, I pray that these words reach your ears on the astral, that you take the hand of the Lord as He comes for you, that you release your spirit of this body that is devastated with pain and fatigue. That you find your way home, that these words help inspire and guide you. Knowing the whole time how loved you were here, how special your life was, how much you touched others without even knowing it. That you understand that we will be ok without your physical presence and that even though you will be missed totally and completely and we will grieve for you, we understand this journey must close, this cycle must end as the wheel turns once more. I pray that you do not fear and that you have a successful and easy crossing when you are ready and that you find a way to let those who stay behind know you have had success and have found your home in the Light.

Till we all meet again in the light.

Lady Wolfen Mists and those who love and care for you

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