Random Acts Of Kindness

©by Lady Wolfen Mists Jan 11, 2005 11:13 am

Greetings Friends,

There is something that has been bothering me more than I can express, its how we treat others. I have been reading blogs on the net and I listen intently to the words, what is said and what isn't. I hear so many in pain. Some are in pain of normal life things, others are feeling shame over things they have no control over such as disabilities (physical, mental, emotional). In all cases these people almost always feel unheard and of less value. They live every day hurting and crying out and NO ONE hears them. They think no one cares, that they have been discarded and left alone awash a sea of shame, guilt anxiety, broken hearts and most of all without any hope that things will get better. My dear friends I ask you is this any way to live? Is this the way of the lighted path to allow others such loneliness/ I'm not saying we need to "fix" it all for karma may be doing something here and lessons are being learned. Yet we need not let them feel so alone, so helpless, so very worth less than even the trash outside.

So what can we do you ask?

Well I do what I can, I share random acts of kindness. What does that entail? A coffee and sandwich for a homeless guy at a restaurant so he can get out of the cold. A flower (sometimes fake) on a windshield of someone who was hurried by 3 kids and very stressed. A smile and a hello to someone passing by (resorting dignity and respect) to someone who is often over looked. Its just that simple....something that makes someone feel good, feel connected and gives hope of someone (often times anyone) caring.

I have even went so far as to make up small cards to carry in my wallet. They say:
The purple rose cardAnd the fantasy card

You dont have to use mine ( you can if you want) Heres a zipped page ready for printing if you do want mine its in doc form. It saves it to a temporary folder. If you want to save it to a specific folder then right click the mouse and then click on SAVE TARGET AS this will allow you to decide where you want to put it. Maybe in a folder called random acts of kindness. Anyway here it is

Fantasy Page
or the Purple rose page

These are all set up all you need to do is print them out and use them when ever you feel like it. You could make items as well to give away like candy or cookies or if your an artist lots of sketches. A poet could leave poems a seamstress could make small scent filled pillows or just about anything. Let people know you know they exist. Give them a smile. make their journey easier on this planet and above all let it show in your heart you care.

I do all my work as anonymous because I love to watch the person look around to see who it may be that did this. I enjoy so much seeing a smile break across their face and then sometimes even a tear. Its amazing to see the whole demeanor of a person change because I bought them a soda or gave them a gift of some type. It crosses all barriers of race, creed, religion and lets both of us feel that there is a greater purpose, a bond to all living things.

So please if you feel the same as I do, dont be afraid to reach out to that girl in the back office that has no friends, or the new guy on the job. Dont be slow to offer food to someone in need, if for no other reason than an endless pot of coffee and a slice of pie keeps them out of the -20 below wind and snow. They cant chase them out if they are eating and drinking (just give the money to the waitress and tell her to give the card to the person, you will be surprised at how the waitress is stunned at first and then watch the smile spread over her/his face as they become a part of the random act.) It is a scientific fact that kindness makes endorphins release and this is good for everyone. It helps in blood pressure and stress reduction and just basically makes you feel good. Give it a try you will make the world a better place and you will make yourself feel better as well.

After All the Mother and Father give us random acts of kindness every day, a rose to sniff, a bird to listen to, a life to live as we see fit…doesn’t it make sense to walk in Their footsteps and do the same for others (as much as we can anyway?)

May you Always walk in Sunlight and Moonglow

Forever In The Loving Service Of Others

Lady Wolfen Mists

P.S. Just a quick note the song I picked for this page is Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins. Its an amazing heart touching song and it could teach us so much if we would but listen