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Pyramids: The Tool

By Lady Wolfen Mists

A Primer On How to Use The

Pyramid Power has to do with interaction of energies with all other energy fields of living/ biological life The pyramid shape lends itself too the following traditional metaphysical properties; The following are some of the ways the pyramid is used in Wolfen Wicca Tradition.

Pyramids can be used alone or sit about in a grid like form. A Grid is a continual generation of a positive energy from a stone or group of stones (in this case a pyramid)directed at a specific target (say a chair where you sit or a "sacred place" or even a healing/sleeping area) for a specific purpose. This purpose can be programmed into the pyramid or in the case of stones can be the metaphysical qualities of stone involved.. Pyramids are also said too aid in all levels of healing and to offer a direct connection to the Higher Consciousness. Just to give you a place to start, there are many other uses of this shape in the Magick, more advanced practitioner will know these uses

For legal reasons I must place this disclaimer here: Please note that none of these uses are FDA approved or meant to be used instead of Medical attention. Please always seek out professional medical advice when needed, Now with that disclaimer said lets continue with traditional metaphysical uses of Pyramids.

Metaphysically Pyramids are said to do the following

• Slows down of the aging process

•Increases Ability to Visualize

•Give greater ease in achieving and maintaining visualizations. In this visualization colors seem more vivid while images appear sharper.

• Allows better astral traveling and control of such travels.

• Users report More Energy after being around pyramids and say they have, improved mental clarity, and faster reaction time

• Stimulates Visions of Past Lives (especially Egypt, Lemuria & Atlantis)

• Plants are said to grow better, stronger, faster and more healthy when in contact with Pyramid power. Reports say they will remain free of pests.

• Many report that Organic Material Dries rather than Rots. Give it a try yourself place fruit, insects, fish, flowers inside a pyramid. Time needed to dehydrate will vary depending on moisture content, as well as size. Some even say that milk will not spoil inside a pyramid

• Razors (and other sharpened metals) retain their edge and will not rust. Blades must be aligned with the north-south axis along the longest axis of object. Try a week to 2 weeks exposure inside a pyramid, more for extreme dullness

• Using a pyramid in meditation can bring on some real "different" feelings and sensations, like tingling feelings of electric like rushes in the body, weightlessness. Also increased sexual energies as well as an intensity in kundalini energy.

• Scientifically we see that EEG alpha waves are raised which can result in higher frequency and higher amplitude alpha waves from people meditating in and around pyramids. Higher alpha waves can enable higher state of consciousness, and allow for trance like communicative states.

To Use Pyramid

1 Technique is to sit the pyramid around the room you wish for the energies to flow. Say a healing room, you may wish to have a Malachite pyramid and place it close to the healing "bed" so the energies can flow naturally to the client during the session. A variation of this is to sit holding the pyramid or placing it on you while you meditate or do astral/dreamtime work.

2. Sitting within a pyramid. People often make pyramids big enough to meditate or do astral work in, however many of us dont have the luxury of all that space. An option to this is to construct hanging pyramid to do much the same thing, hanging over you as you lay or work your magick.

3. Another technique is to make a grid of Pyramids (often stones) which are set about a space for a specific purpose and focused in a specific area of a room. These pyramids are often different stones that are meant to compliment each other in their natural or programmed abilities and they should be aligned so that the corners blends into each other and not the flat side. In such grids the stones pyramids can be sat about 150 feet or closer to each other and work well.


Because of the shape of Pyramids and the sharpness of the corners they MUST be cleansed often, as energy can get "stuck" and become an obstacle to the even flow needed for positive energy enhancement. I recommend you cleanse after every use, if you are leaving your pyramid just sitting out weekly would be nice. To cleanse the pyramid place in SUNLIGHT for 2-6 hours and smudge with incense (I recommend Kyphi Sky granular which is exclusive from Silver Hoofs)

Storage of these tools

Be sure to store your pyramid in a soft cloth, so as not to scratch the finish or chip any of the points. Chipped points can mis-align the energy the pyramid directs. You can let it set out in the open if you like, just be sure the energies flow in a complementary flow to you and your surroundings. One way to tell if they are not is sudden painful headaches when entering the energy field of the pyramid, time and time again. Adjust the energy flow and the headache should end

Ok so now you have a general idea of how to use this shape and what a wonderful metaphysical tool it can be. Give it a try, let you intuition guide you and remember all things take practice. The more you work with pyramids I think the more you will comfortable and find out how great they really are.

Bright Blessings in your Magickal Attempts
Lady Wolfen Mists.







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