Descriptions of Psychic Gifts

There are thousands and thousands of psychic gifts in the universe, each as unique and wondrous as the individual that has it. Each gift as valid and real as the next and each as mysterious to others who don’t understand. So to help those who don’t understand or who would like a name for their gift I offer these most common (if there can be common in psychic experiences) abilities and short descriptions.

Clairaudient- (Clear Audio/Hearing) To discern sounds or words from outside the self sources. The announcing from a spiritual or ethereal realms to the mind of the physical being

Clairempathy- (Clear "emotion") To sense or "feel" within one's self the feelings of another being. Here one senses and takes into themselves the feelings, attitude or emotions of another (not always a human often it can be an animal).

Clairgustance- (Clear tasting") Here one may taste a substance without there ever being anything in their mouth. It is also to distinguish the spirit of an object through taste based on information from the spiritual or ethereal realms.

Clairscent- (Clear Smelling). To smell a fragrance or odor no one else can smell. Such scents come from outside the body such as the spirit or ethereal realms yet are perceived by the physical self.

Clairsentience- (Clear sensation or feeling) To discern and understand information by a “feeling” or “hunch” that comes to the entire physical body. A knowing that comes without any physical help.

Clairtangency- (Clear touching) More commonly known as Psychometry. Here one handles an object or touches an area and “sees” information about the item or it's owner or history. This is usually felt through the palm of the hand and all information is previously unknown to the person..

Clairvoyant- (Clear vision) is usually around the 3rd eye area and one into an ethereal dimension (but one can see places within this physical reality) without using physical eyes or stimulation. To extend into another vibrational frequency and visually perceive "within the minds eye" something existing in that realm.

******I want to make a special note that as I said above this is by no means the only gifts out there, just the more common ones you may wish to know about. In the practice of Wolfen Wicca ® we have identified many other gifts. If you have a special gift and are unsure of it, if you need help in identifying it please feel free to e-mail me and I will do the best I can to help you with it. I may take a bit to get back to you (due to sheer volume of mail) but I will do my best :-)******
Hope this helps,
Forever In The Loving Service Of Others,
Bright Blessings,
Lady Wolfen Mists


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