(c) LWM May 10, 2006

As of late I have noticed a lot of questions and even media attention on possession. Many of you have expressed a fear of being possessed by an evil negative energy. It seems this is yet another area that the media (TV and Movies) have taken a bit of dramatic license with, meaning they focus on making "good TV" and not always with the facts of it all. With that said let me try and clear up some of your fears.

Let us first make the distinction between oppression and possession. For the sake of this discussion we will be referring to oppression as the act or acts of subjugating a person or place by cruelty, persecution or domination. While possession means the actual act of having control of another's body or spirit, much like owning another soul.

So in demonic or negative energy possession an actual entity takes over a living beings body and is in control of that bodys actions. Now before you freak out and get all scared let me assure you that there is a built in safety that does not allow any wondering spirit or entity to just "jump in" your body and take it over willy nilly. Certain things MUST happen for possession to happen.

1. The spirit or entity that wishes to take over the body MUST be interacted with in a favorable way. This means that you must have encouraged the spirit or entity to be around you or spent time with it. Meaning that you didnít "send it away" as soon as you realized it was negative (evil).
2. You (the body to be possessed) MUST have agreed to the possession. NO entity can just take over your body without your agreement or without you inviting them in. See the Universe has a built in safety system that says YOU are the LIVING Being and therefore are the powerful one, no matter how frightened you are in the presence of Evil (Negativity). Now being the powerful one you have complete control over your body and who controls it. If you do NOT ALLOW it and say aloud "be gone I want nothing to do with negativity" then the entity MUST leave. Yet if you "play" around with it, invite it in and allow it to take over then you are open to possession and may very well find you have become possessed or at the least are in the presence of negative entities. Therefore remember if you reject such possessions them it just plain can't happen.

But what about all the people who have things happen to them, who feel possessed or the presence of negativity about them. Well there is another category that is called Oppression and thatís were this falls. This is where Negative energies (some say demons) may spend a lot of time hurting you, interfering with your life, causing havoc and in some cases even casing physical pain and cuts or bruises. One can be oppressed for many years and not be interacting with these entities at all. In this case the body that is being oppressed will have to do spiritual warrior work to protect themselves and send these oppressive entities on their way. A very good example of oppression is from the Christian story of Job who is a good man but is oppressed by the devil and goes through many trials and pains. The devil is trying to get Job to give in and curse God and puts poor Job through much pain on many levels of being, Job doesnít give in. The devil cant possess Job because he is dedicated to God and the Light and wont allow the negativity entity access to his soul and heart. Yet the Devil can oppress him and cause his life great difficulty. (I hope I am being clear here and you are getting the difference between oppression and possession)

Now what can you do to stop oppression? Well there are many things you can use to keep negativity at bay. Things like cleansings, oils, stones, charms, waters and so on. Yet I think the best thing you can do is to have a strong and close connection to the Lord and Lady of Light (or whatever you call the Supreme Creator) and arm yourself with Their loving protective shield as you walk in the Lighted path.

Ok so that's kinda short and brief but I hope it allays some of your fears and gives you a bit of a foundation from which to draw as well as to ask questions from. Now the next time you watch TV and see some negative spirit taking over the body of some poor unsuspecting person or taking over the body of someone who is doing astral work, know that its just TV. That some TV producer is just making a buck and that it couldnít have happened that way if the person being possessed didnít agree to it. Yep dear reader, Free will is a wonderful and tricky thing and nothing.. yep thats right I saidNO THING can ever take that gift from us!

We are wondrous creations of the Lady and Lord and we can NEVER be possessed without our agreement. We CAN be oppressed but we can fight that as well, for we are powerful in spirit and soul, as we walk the Lighted Path and learn our lessons on our own spiritual quest

May you always Walk in Lighted Wisdom,

Lady Wolfen Mists

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