A sample of Pockets

Wolfen Pockets
Tools Programmed by Lady Wolfen Mists

All sales final no returns, charge backs, exchanges or credits.These are Magickal Tools and your energy is infused upon them once you buy them.
These are smaller than Wolfen Mysteries, less expensive and come in bags with a few central items. Like Wolfen Mysteries they are for specific uses as well and are exclusive to Silver Hoofs & Lady Wolfen Mists. You wont be disappointed on the quality here.

Understanding Karma Wolfen Pocket
This pocket aids in user in understanding Karmic Cycles, speeding them up or ending them all together. Also aids in access to the Akashic Records.

Price $24.99

Forest Elf Spirit Wolfen Pocket
This pocket aids in user in calling the Fae and all citizens of that Realm to them or to a specific space. It aids in making a "safe" Place for themand helps in controlling the mischevious ones.

Price $24.99

Abundance Wolfen Pocket
This pocket aids in gaining Abundance on all levels of Beings, it can be used by the owner or energies directed to one in need

Price $24.99

Spirit Warrior Wolfen Pocket
This pocket aids in helping the Spirit Warrior in everyday life as well as making ready for spiritual battle. Energies are for only one user at a time

Price $19.99

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