All In the Perspective-A Christians Question

All In the Perspective-

A Christians Question

©by Lady Wolfen Mists June 6 2004 2:34 am

Some one from a main stream Christian religion once asked me if I believed in Miracles and Angels and do I pray when I speak to God? He said he had come to this witch shop to talk to the top witch and that he firmly believed that witches should die because the bible said so, "Suffer ye not a witch to live!"

At that moment I wondered at the wisdom of the Lady and Lord to use me as their vessel in this case. Would I be smart enough or patient enough to answer as my Lady would wish me, would I represent the Wolfen Wicca tradition and the pagan community as they would wish? I took a deep breath and said to the Lady silently. "If you want me to do this I will need your help with speech and guidance."

Then I took another breath and asked him into my office so we could be comfortable while we talked. He wanted the door left open, I guess he thought my "evil" wouldn’t dare touch him with the door open and while he clutched his bible. I not only left the door open I placed his chair in front of it so he would feel more secure about being there and asking his questions. Next I answered his questions calmly and completely.

"Yes I do believe in miracles, those times in life when things are prefect or work out for the highest blessing for all involved. Miracles when so many energies combine as one, with the universe energies, to produce the best most wanted outcome of it all even in a situation even when said situation was the most distressing, no way out times in our lives. Miracles, those times in life when for a few seconds, we reach an understanding of the vast abilities of the Creators. When the plan of the universe seems, for a fleeting second to make sense, when we see the true beauty that abounds about us, and have a deep understanding of it all. Miracles when unconditional love no longer seems a word out there to strive for, but is a real tangible living thing that we can feel and wrap ourselves and others in. Yes I do most deeply and ardently believe in miracles.

Angels- without a doubt I believe in Angels, those masters that went before me who guide me and help me make the best journey I can. Spirit Guides who bless me and keep me from harm, entities who are so positive in nature that they make me, in mortal form weep, and wish I to could be as they. Angles who on earth help me (and others) in the most unexpected times and ways. Angels who work the will of the loving Lady and Lord and guide me down the Higher Self path so that I may ascend on my spiritual journey. Yes I do without a doubt believe in angels and I often speak and confer with them on many many things.

Pray- Yes I do pray. Every time I cast a spell it is a prayer for the aid of the Lady and Lord. Do I pray in humility to the Goddess and God? I do, and even more so when on the astral or within my circle, when I come into their presence and spend time with them. If it be as they feed me cookies and milk healing my hurts or as they teach me their ways down the lighted path or even as they give me my next lesson or job to learn. Yes I do it with love and humility. Do I pray for help when in need to them, yes when in fear I call to my Lord or my Lady I beg for them to lift me up and protect me I ask that they fill me with their white light and keep me from harm. I pray in my daily devotions for this same loving help and direction for all my friends and family. I also pray for the world in general and for those who do not understand, so that their hearts may be open to the Lighted path of my most loving Lady and Lord.

This answer so astounded this Christian, he didnt know what else to say. Soon he stumbled, stuttered and muttered to himself. Then he said "But your a Witch, your evil!" I laughed and said "Then so must you be cause we both believe in miracles, angels and we both pray to the Creators of life and the universe. We both seek for the Lighted ways and we both wish only the best for those we love, that no harm or hurt or negativity ever befall them or us (if we can help it).

You see it is all perspective that leads the heart. We all walk paths, much the same but different for each individual. Just because the Creators saw to making your path different from mine didnt mean that all such other paths or people are evil. No not at all, it just means that as the Lady and Lord who created all things with great uniqueness and difference, so did they create ways for each of us to reach them, love them and share in the Blessings and Unconditional love they give us all."

This seemed to astound him even more and for the next several months he came to my office at the store asking real questions and sharing insights. Education does wonders to tearing down walls and fears.

I did not change him from Christian to Wiccan (I did not wish to for Christian was where the Universe best placed him) but I did open his eyes and his heart. At the end of it all he told me he would no longer follow the belief "Suffer ye not a witch to live!" That he liked and respected me and didn’t see any evil in our religion, just another way to God. I cried for his eyes were opened, we could continue to share and the Lady and Lord had used me (this mortal vessel) to work Their will once more! I was glad I had done as They had asked even when I wasn't sure I was up to the task. I was even happier that we had shared questions, answers and made a friendship.

So next time someone questions you, even though you may wonder how in the world could they believe that about you or you wonder if you should waste the time answering. Take a moment and see if this is a time you to can change a perspective, open eyes and teach another about the wonders of being different but alike. Take a second before you lash out at that stupid question and THINK, this could be a turning point for this person, you may be being called upon to be an angel on earth to teach and share and build bridges and not make walls. Maybe you too are a vessel the Lady and Lord will use. try compassion before anger and openness when you can. Who knows this may very well be a lesson for you also.

May you walk in Her Wisdom and His strength

Forever In The Loving Service Of Others

Lady Wolfen Mists

P.S. Just a quick note the song I picked for this page is "Peace like a river," Imagine if all of us lost our fears and hates and flowed like a river, peaceful, renewed, spiritual and filled, reaching out to each other and those about us who are also on their spiritual journey. What wonders we could make..Here are the words

I've got peace like a river I've got peace like a river
Peace like a river in my soul
And it flows like a river
And it flows like a river
Flows like a river in my soul