Purple Plates with Additions
Created by Lady Wolfen Mists

Energy Plates
by Lady Wolfen Mists
As guided by the Angel Like Beings

symbols ©LWM Sept 2007

Ok so I got as a gift a wonderful item called Tesla Purple Plate. It was to be used to help me when I was in pain and it has done an amazing job, really making a difference. Of course this success put me on the path of trying to figure out how to create these items and make them available to you all. As I tried and tried to get information I only had more and more questions, finally I hit the “Holy Grail” and figured out how to make these. Through all this I got information from the ALB's who guided and directed my search. They also gave me extras in programming that would help the items work better for Light Filled people and for those in need. So knowing that they were not gonna let up till I listened I just gave in and did as I was instructed. These are the result of it all. These purple Plates are basically what Tesla designed and they worked wonderfully well for me, but now they have additional energies through ritual, programming and extra work that make them even more powerful in the application of energy to those who use them.

These plates are as I said based on Tesla technology, as “carriers of free energy” will work for an unlimited amount of time. These energies just don’t run out, they are self cleansing and self renewing so all you have to do is hold them or place them close to you.

How to use them:
These tools are considered to act as antennas and transmitters for the positive energies of the universe called tachyons, which end up creating a balanced and personally attuned field for all levels of the body’s being. In my experience they have helped in healing my physical, spiritual and emotional body. They have speeded up healing of cuts, they helped get arthritis under control and awful headaches. They even helped me with heart problems. Now I am not saying they work the same for everyone but they did do this for me, in that they raised my vibratory rate to an equalized and balanced rate helping me to feel so much better. Please note They are neither FDA approved nor do they replace medical therapy or supervision.

How does it work?
Many of you want to know how they work, well to be honest my small brain doesn’t quite understand it thoroughly but one explanation is that they transfer information to the Aura of living things from the “Shuman Field.” This field is very basically a magnetic field between the ionosphere and Earth's surface. . Many think of this field as the energetic matrix for life on Earth. Such a field can act as both a storage center and a magnetic center, keeping all things in a positive alignment and balanced, resonating at its optimal levels.
Now the Plates are created from anodized aluminum, in which the atoms and electrons (which are spun) and cause such a change that the plates now vibrate with the energy building blocks of the universe called Chi, Prana and Orgon. The plates are then colored adding the dimension of the qualities and characteristics of that specific color, to the now hardened crystal structures of the purple plates. These plates at the end of the process now exhibit the same energy as that of the "life stones” ruby and sapphires. Ok so that’s the best I can do in explaining it all.

My Experiences:
Gosh I don’t even know where to start I guess lets talk about using Tesla plates when I am in front of the computer. I place 2 plates on the floor to place may feet on and it reduces the awful, painful swelling I used to get sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time. I suffered from great pain in this, my feet got so large that they often felt like any minute they would crack open because they couldn’t stretch any more. Suffering from diabetic neuropathy the pain was so great I often cried over it. Once I started using the plates I felt all the difference in the world, my bare feet on the plates no longer swelled nearly as large and I am able to work without the painful consequences I suffered before.

I also suffer from Arthritis as well as heart problems. In my experience with just placing the plate on the hurting area it truly made a difference for me. The arthritis stopped hurting so much, making it much more manageable. My heart stopped feeling so tight and my breathing was more measured and less painful. I am a shallow breather so this helped in cleaning my body out of mis aligned energies in this area.

I could go on and on, as a diabetic my healing is poor and when using this plate I saw marked difference. If I get an awful headache, which often cause me to go blind while the headache rages, using this plate has showed a marked difference here as well.

Now I am not saying I was healed 100% but I am saying the energies of this plate made a significant difference in my life and in my pain level and I for one will not be without them.

Now let me tell you how it worked on one of our puppies.
One of our puppies called Handsome Jack was born last almost 7 hours into labor, He was a hard delivery as he came out backwards, wasn’t breathing and had to be rubbed and liquid removed from his little mouth. He was sickly and he had an irregular heartbeat. I made it my mission to take special care of him and as I held him I placed the purple plate under him so he laid on it in my arms. What happened was nothing short of a miracle. He grew Like crazy (right now he is the largest by far) His eyes opened sooner than the others did. He walked first getting out of the box way before the others, and wandering about my room on his own. His teeth came in sooner and were much larger than the others. His heart problem cleared up and he has the sweetest disposition. Jackie still exhibits some damage from lack of oxygen such as slower motor skills and slower at understanding things, but once he gets it in his head he holds on to it tight. He is a wonderful soul and I love him dearly. I really really feel if the plate hadn’t been used on my precious Jack he would not be with us today.

Another of our dogs (yes we have a lot of fur babies) Lady Angel Wings has always had an awful chronic ear infections and an allergy to something (nothing we could track down) to something that made her poor little nose all scaly and red. Looking very painful. We tried everything to clear up these condition and nothing, no matter what it was or what it cost really made a difference. I noticed Angel was looking older (she is only 5) and seemed to hurt a lot (she has bad knees and arthritis in her spine.) All she did was cry and lay around. No energy, just miserable. I finally paced a smaller purple plate on her collar and again the results were a miracle. Within 2 days, yes that’s 2 days she was running around, jumping up and down off the couch. Her eyes were clearer, her crying stopped, and she started to play again, pulling on her rope toy and hitting me with it to play. She runs through the house and her face no longer looks so very tired and old. Her ears have cleared UP! The red scaly, sores on her little nose and muzzle have cleared up and she is doing wonderfully. I even removed the plate to see if it was all in my head or what and again within 2 days, her nose broke out again, she slowed down and took to just laying around again. So back on with the tiny plate and now it won’t ever come off. These things are simply amazing

Oh and these plates can also be used to “enliven” the foods and water we eat and drink. Just place the food and water on top the plate (like a coaster and allow the positive energies of the universe to flow through the water or food. You can actually feel the difference in the quality of energies your body is consuming. At least I can :-) However these are just my experiences and They are neither FDA approved nor do they replace medical therapy or supervision

Ok so now my additional Twist to the Plates
The Tesla purple plates I create now have symbols given to me from the Angel Like Beings on them. They are very interesting and have enormous energy. I have engraved at the instruction of the ALBs onto the plates (although I am not that good at engraving.) The ALBs said they should look a bit "primitive" giving rough edges for the energy to flow from like exits from a stream. If it was to smooth it would all flow together, this way it flares out in all directions as needed.

Right now the symbols include: (I will add others as I am instructed)
1. Symbol for Angelic Legion
2. Aids in Manifesting that which you seek, as well as giving some general protection


Information on Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla (born on July 9th/10th 1856-Smiljan, Austro-Hungary/now Republic of Croatia), died on January 7th 1943 in New York) was a Serbian-American inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer. Tesla is regarded as one of the most important inventors in history. He is also well known for his contributions to the discipline of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th century. His patents and theoretical work form the basis of modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems, including the polyphase power distribution systems and the AC motor, with which he helped usher in the Second Industrial Revolution Nikola Tesla was granted 221 Patents worldwide, including 113 US Patents. Taken from http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_was_Nikola_Tesla


Forever In The Loving Service Of Others,

Lady Wolfen Mists


Purple Plates

With Symbols, as directed by the Angel Like Beings

Size: 2 inches wide x 3 7/8 long
Slot is 5/8 inch wide x 1/8 inch high
Purple Plate with Symbol for Angelic Legion
This symbol lets the Angels know where your heart is (on the lighted path)

Angelic Legion Purple Plate #1

Purple Plate with Symbol for Manifesting
This symbol aids in Manifesting that which you seek, as well as giving some general protection

Manifesting Purple Plate #2

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