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Order Instructions & Policies

Orders Instructions
Please Note the following:
Prices and policies are subject to change without Notice. This order page(written 2002, revised 2016) supersedes any others.


What forms of payment we take…All Payment must be submitted in US Dollars

1. PayPal


Buyers are responsible for all insurance and duty fees
All sales final NO returns, charge backs, exchanges or credits. By placing an order from our catalog, or auction sites we sell at, you agree to these terms and the terms on the order or shopping cart pages

Return Policy-

Our return policy is simple there is NONE!
Because these items are often special and exclusive to user we can not take them back, period. Be sure you understand this! No exceptions to the rule. We do our best to give accurate descriptions of items and once you buy it it is yours

All sales final no returns, chargebacks, exchanges, credits or anything of the sort. Ordering from us means that you have read the terms on this page and are in agreement


In-stock items ship on Wednesday's and Fridays of each week. Out of stock may take 3-6 weeks. We will do our best to fill your orders in a quick and efficient manner, sorry for any delays.

Countries we Ship to

We do not ship to all countries outside the USA. Please e-mail silverhoofs@att.net
Please note shipping cost will vary outside the USA. Most shippers DO NOT insure items Outside the USA Items Not insured are NOT subject to replacement if lost, broken.Buyer is responsible for all DUTY or other charges on the items sent

We have successfully sold to

Most of Canada
Most of England
Most of Australia
as well as several others

However all potential orders outside the USA MUST be APPROVED BEFORE order will be filled.

To have order Approved e-mail me with the following information.

1. Complete Order (some countries do not allow certain things like incense)
Complete Shipping Address
How you will pay-we only Take Paypal NOTHING ELSE!
After I get the information I will e-mail you and let you know if we will ship to your country, all items you are allowed to purchase by your country as well as any increased cost. Because of some postal system in some countries I will let you know if it is possible to insure your items or not.Give me a few days to research this.

Contact Us

E-mail us at silverhoofs@att.net

Our paypal Address is:


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