Hand Blended Oils

Hand Blended Metaphysical Correct Oils

Directions For Use: Use desired amount, usually a dab or two, on self, tools or specific object (like a candle or doorknob). External use only, this means don't drink it.

2 dram bottle:$7.99...Essence Of The Wolf $8.99
Air Oil
Use to aid in clear thinking, overcoming addictive tendencies and in successful travel.
Air 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Astral Travel
Use to aid in connecting with astral realm and in maintaining control of those trips.
Astral Travel 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Awakening Warrior
Use to aid in overcoming obstacles in your path. Awaken the Spirit Warrior in all beings.
Awakening Warrior 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Beings of Light
Use to aid in getting in touch with light filled beings. Also used in open communication with ETs.
Beings of Light 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Binding Oil
Use to aid in binding a person to your Will.
Binding Oil 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Use to aid in invoking that wild aspect of the God.
Cernunnos 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Cipher Oil
Use to aid in working with alphabets and when working with computer type records. Aid user in puttung things together in an eiser more congruent understanding to the work.
Cipher 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Come To Me Oil
Use to aid in attracting specific items/persons to you. Also used to aid in getting back what is yours.
Come To Me 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Crone Oil
Used to aid in invoking that aspect of the triple Goddess. Also used in rites that show respect to age and wisdom of age.
Crone 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Deva Treasures Oil
Use to aid in unlocking the subconscious, gifts and powers given to you by the winged spirit folk. Also used to work hand in had with winged folk.
Deva Treasures 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Dragons Heart
Use to aid in bringing out the fire of a dragon and the wisdon to know when its to your best advantage to use it. Also used to call and still dragons.
Dragons Heart 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Earth Drifter
Use to aid in invoking the powers of the Earth and the Nature Goddess. Also used to aid in grounding & making level headed decisions. Used to aid in building a steady, firm foundation.
Earth Drifter 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Earth Oil
Use to aid in the Calling Forth of arth Elementals and in aligning them with user to make a better working unit. Also used to attract Money and abundance
Earth 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Use to aid in making self or items memorable, used to aid in illusion & power enchantments.***USE FOR POSITIVE ONLY ****CAUTION: POWERFUL!****
Enchantments 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Essence Of the Wolf
Use to aid in bringing forth the assertive practices of the wolf, as well as instincts. Also to aid in pack bonding for user and specific group.
NOTICE cost is 8.99
Essence of the Wolf 2 Dram Oil $8.99
Flames of Life
Use to aid in dealing with emotions and fanning the flames of life in yourself. POWERFUL! USE WITH EXTREME CARE
Flames Of Life 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Forever Friends
To aid in loating you a best friend or in sealing a friendshio you already have. Can be used to call Soul group to yourself.
Forever Friends 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Gift Of Giving
Use to aid in giving postive energies to others. Random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.
Gift of Giving 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Shadows Water
Aid in drawing/calling the water elementals to you. Also in making a firm and positive bond with those elementals, allows your will to be done.
Shadows Water 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Shining Sanctuary
Use to aid in building and reaching your personal Astral Temple. Also used to aid user in reaching temple of God/dess.
Shining Sanctuary 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Soul Mate
Use to aid in focusing in on and drawing your desired soulmate closer to user..
Soul Mate 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Use to aid in keeping negative infunces away. Used to aid in increasing clairvoyant powers as well as contacting those who have crossed the veils.
Spirit 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Use to aid in any changes physical, spiritual, or emotional in life. Aids in not only coping , but in needed growth and advancement of the soul.
Transformation 2 Dram Oil $7.99
Wind of Dreams
Aids in dream work and prophecy. Also used to aid in bringing your deams to your conscious recall. Especially good for those who are advanced in this area.
Winds of Dreams 2 Dram Oil $7.99

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