Scrying/Crystal Gazing

Crystal Ball and all other types of scrying


Lady Wolfen Mists is no longer able to answer questions concerning Crystal ball gazing or any type of scrying. She has been overwhelmed with such questions and it has left her little time to do much else. Any questions of such nature will be ignored unless you are a student enrolled in class. Answers to such questions are not just a quick yes or no, but in depth teaching of techniques and abilities. Not only that but giving out such information ties her to the persons Karma and she doesn't know many of the people asking questions and prefers not to tie her karma with those she does not know.

For these reasons it is recommended that if you have a crystal ball and wish to scry you either sign up for a class (coming soon here, check correspondence classes to see when its offered) or find a competent teacher in your area.

Scrying is a tool and can be dangerous in the hands of the untrained, much like a car in the hands of a 5 year old. You must be taught to use such tools with respect and time honored techniques. Scrying is NOT A TOY to play with and should only be used by those who are advanced enough to do the appropriate spiritual work to hone the abilities and qualities needed to scry. They must have a firm foundation laid in psychic abilities to do this in a successful manner.

If this is offensive to some I am sorry, but I feel the need to be blunt as I receive several questions from total strangers a week asking how to scry or beginners questions. I never hear from them again and have no idea as to the level of psychic accomplishment they are currently at. It is dangerous to them to pretend that they are ready to scry and use such a tool when in truth it could cause them great damage and pain. They must be instructed truthfully in such mysteries, and told to start at the beginning, building a solid foundation of psychic abilities. They think they can skip the beginner stuff and just jump in at the advance areas as they will, they need to know that such an approach is not only unacceptable but dangerous and can lead to some serious consequences for these types of inappropriate actions

Thank you for listening and for your understanding in this situation,

Lady Wolfen Mists