"Your Responsibility"

No more e-mails on How to........

My Ladies and Lords out there.

I deeply regret that I will no longer be able to answer many of your e-mails concerning "How to" Or "How do I use this or that" especially having to do with scrying and crystal balls.
If you are NOT one of MY students or if you DID NOT Purchase it from me I no longer have the time or feel the need to teach everyone in the world. I know that may sound egotistical but my students have and always will take priority in my life, as well as those people who choose me to serve their metaphysical needs. It is to them and them alone that I feel dedicated to serve with my energy, time and knowledge

Honestly, You would not believe the e-mails I get from people (all over the world) saying I got this or that and please tell me how to use it. People I don't know, have had nothing to do with and will probably never hear from again.

They want me to impart my hard earned knowledge to them as if it is their God/dess given right for me to tell them all I know! They want it FREE and without a second thought, no matter that I had to work long and hard for this information and that it takes a lot of my time up just writing and sending out e-mails to them. It doesn't register in their minds that if someone came to their job and demanded their time, someone they didn't know at all, and asked for special attention on a subject they would refuse and probably tell them (in not to nice words) to leave. Especially when they found out this person not only wanted their time, knowledge and ideas they expected them for FREE!

Well that's exactly what these people do to me! They come, Ask questions and then leave without a second thought. Some so challenged in the manners area that they don't even acknowledge the time it took to write the information out let alone that they got the e-mail. Showing me in the end how much real value they put in the information they demanded. I had someone tell me a long time ago people only treat you and value you as you do yourself. Well I value my time and no more give aways to those who I have had no contact with before. Those that want instant gratification and don't wish to put the time in my students do to reach a level where they can us the tools in question properly. Heck many of them don't even know it's a tool and see it as just a fun thing, it can get very tiresome and exasperating to see this on a DAILY basis.

Dear Ones, it is the responsibility of you to Think before you purchase. If you feel you are ready for a scrying tool the by all means get one. If one calls to you answer the call, but DON'T expect that me or someone else teach you to use it for free. That is part of the responsibility you take on in getting such items. You need to learn how to use them properly so you must find an instructor and not do the "Psychic leach" thing where you throw responsibility to the wind and draw off anyone who may have answers for free.
Why? First such behavior cheapens your own abilities for they are valueless (you just took the information without giving thought to what they were worth) as well as putting yourself in a situation where you will fail.
Hows that you say? Well scrying is a technique that one learns over much study and practice. Its not the instant, turn on the mist in the gypsy ball, that TV shows us. It takes much time, practice and skill and it is a tool to be respected and not misused. Some people do very well with this type of scrying, others take more time and some just never seem to let go and allow the crystal to work for them, but in any case It NEEDS to be taught, tweaked just for you and learned from someone who has had practice in it! You want to learn about it then care enough o take the time and do it properly, find a teacher!

Now you may think that I am going on about value and money and free and abusing my time but the pure fact is the universe calls for balance in all things. Such balance must be stuck in everything and the balance here is the exchange of money (or barter) for the knowledge that you seek. If you don't care enough to follow the laws of balance in the universe then you need not seek the information. Also please remember this is my job, my life and my business, when you make payment to me you not only feed me and allow me a living (much as you make a living at your job). You also ensure that I will be here for others, that my knowledge will not be lost and that you value the ancient mysteries. You care enough to help strike the balance that such knowledge as that I have will be here for yourself and others for years to come. You put value on me, the knowledge you gain and on yourself for all that you learn here and in the end you place a priority on your spiritual quest, how much more balance could you ask for?

I hope you understand my position and I hope you continue to learn if not from me from someone else. Yet even in learning from others always remember that there is no quibbling over magickal tools/information, this is a traditional stand in all things from classes to fairs where items are for sale. No arguing trying to get the cost down or demanding as it places negative energies within the item you are trying to get. If you cant afford it then its not meant for you. Move on and find what it is that is meant for you, be respectful and acknowledge that you are a proper seeker and that all things worth attaining has a value to you.

Bright Blessings,

Forever In The Loving service Of Others,

Lady Wolfen Mists

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