Liquid Soap/ Shower Gel
Exclusively hand crafted by
Lady Wolfen Mists

If you are looking for something new to add to your collection of Magickal components, you many want to consider Lady Wolfen Mists Hand hand blended shower gel/soap
. Caution: This is body soap so do not eat! , Don't know why you would in the first place but gotta put this here (legal stuff ya know) :-)

How to use the Liquid Soap/ Shower Gel:

How to use the Liquid Soap/ Shower Gel: Use to wash self or items in. Use desired amount to "feel" clean. The hotter the water the stronger the scent.

*****$12.99 for 8 oz pump bottle ******
Unless otherwise noted

  • Essence of The Wolf shower soap/gel
    This soap/Gel scent is called Essence of The Wolf. It is a favorite scent of customers (and one of my personal favorites :-) This scent has many traditional magickal uses, here are just a few; Use to aid in bringing forth the assertive practices of the wolf, as well as instincts, wonderfully protective for those who work late and have to walk a ways to the car or such. Aids in heightening the senses as to what's going on around you. Also to aid in pack bonding for user and specific group. This is a strong and powerful lotion that is to be used to aid in the successful teaching of others and to fight for what is right in the spiritual and physical sense. If you prefer to be the Lone Wolf this scent and magickal qualities allows you to work well on your own with much success and with an intuitive awareness, like a lone wolf, of all that is going on around you.
    Cost: $18.95

  • Dragon Heart
    Dragon Heart formula is ritually created for those who wish to earn a Dragons Heart and Courage and more.I was told that there are a few out there who are ready to be responsible with this and work within the Dragon realm. learning wisdom and unlocking ancient mysteries.
    Cost: $12.99
  • Full Moon
    This shower soap/gel has been empowered by the most recent full moon (as well as at least one other full moon) and will allow you to tap into those energies through the rest of the month. If you have a spell to be cast or an item to be blessed, even a tool that needs cleaned then this is the gel you will need. Instead of waiting for the next full moon and those energies created at that moon phase you can use this shower soap/gel to imbue yourself or your item with the needed energies.
    Cost: $12.99
  • Light of The Moon
    Light of The Moon ritually created to Bring your Love's Ardor for you to its peak under the light of the moon. It aids in allowing your lover to both physically and emotionally express themselves with fewer inhibitions! Light Of the Moon has a wonderful soft airy scent, seeming to draw the romance of the moonlight into the center of your relationship. Intense!
    Cost: $12.99

  • Open the Veil
    It is created especially at this time of Year Samhain (New Year). It has a spicy scent and draws the energies needed to you. This scent has many traditional magickal uses, here are just a few; Use to aid in opening the Veils and allowing spirits to pass through and to communicate with you. Aids in finishing unfinished business with those who have crossed. Allows one (at any time of the year) to speak with relatives, ancestors and guides about anything you may have questions about. Great for one who is doing mediumship work or working as a channel but especially made for those who wish to work directly one on one with the energies and spirits themselves. Also acts as a screening process to aid in keeping out negative unwanted spirits.
    I often use this to wash my hands in when I use a talking board as it helps keep out those unwanted "traveling souls" and calls only the positive wanted souls I wish to speak with.
    Cost: $12.99

  • Triple Moon Goddess
    This is not just for females as males also, as it has been reported with equal success by both sexes. This shower soap/gel is to be used to aid in honoring the 3 aspects of the Goddess and the 3 aspects of a woman, as well as aiding you to successfully move about the astral realm with control and memories easily accessible. These scents combined also show admiration and reverence to the Lady, so its nice to use in reference to Her.
    Cost: $14.99

  • Sex on the Floor
    This particular recipe was inspired by a good friend who was discussing scents one day. He mentioned several scents that "inspired him" and then said all these just make me want to have sex on the floor!" I laughed and said "So Mote It Be! "and voila here it is and just about everyone who tries says it true! It does smell incredible I must admit myself.
    Cost: $12.99

  • Unicorn Mysteries
    It is a favorite scent of many customers, who remark on the energies they receive from it. It is Powerful and should be used in moderation!!! This scent has many traditional magickal uses, here are just a few; Unicorn Mysteries gel. It helps your recall those days of ol' when we all thought of the magick as an everyday event. This scent jogs the mind and helps us remember how to bring such energies into our now every day lives.
    Cost: $12.99

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