Potpourri or Granular Incense
***hand crafted and hand blended from the Mysterious***
*********and Little known Book of Shadows of*******
Lady Wolfen Mists

These various Potpourris have been developed by Lady Wolfen Mists after years
of work and searching. They are exclusive to her and truly are magickal works of
wonder. Now I can make no guarantees as to how this item will work for you, as the
law does not allow this. What I do say is that it has been ritually created, blessed,
programmed with just right energies to aid you in your battle to be let alone and
to remove yourself from being a target! They can also be used as granular incense
if one wishes to. Just place desired amount on charcoal.

Here is how it is to be used in Potpourri form

Just place a bowl of the mixture in a special bowl specifically for this purpose.
Allow the aroma and energies to permeate the space you are in. As the user, you
must place your hands over the top of the bowl, drawing the energies into you,
breathing deeply, each time you wish to connect with an entity. In your mind
state your intention as to why you wish to speak to the selected entity and ask for
them to be present with you now.
Its always good to put something in like; "if it is the highest and
best interest for all to know this information then let it be so. Source of all things,
use me as a vessel to communicate, making me a clear and positive ambassador
with only the highest intent for all involved. "

*****$8.95 for a 3x5 full reusable zip bag Unless otherwise noted******

  • Air Potpourri/incense-
    This can be used as a potpourri or granular incense. It aids in communing with
    the citizens of air, from Sylphs and Devas to Pegasus and other dimensional beings. Makes a great connection!
    Cost: $8.95

  • Astral Walk
    It combination of scents have been has been designed to aid you in protection of
    the astral self and to recall those walks clearly. So if you are an advanced Astral
    Traveler or just a beginner you know the importance of protection and shielding while
    on many of the astral levels. This potpourri will work wonders in that area for you.
    Cost: $8.95

  • Avalon's Misty Veils Potpourri
    Are you Drawn to the Ancient Isle? Do you wish to connect with the Spirits of that
    time? Have you the desire to seek the way of the Oracle & improve your divination
    skills? If you said YES to any of these this may be just what you are looking for.
    That's what this magickal mystical potpourri is made to do. It aids in tapping into
    that mystical time line and drawing those energies to you. It helps your recall the ancient words needed to enter that arcane time. It aids in honing your divination
    skill & seeks out the oracle within you. Its so easy to use, you can set it out (like on
    your desk or in your locker where the air can get at it) or it can be used in a simmer pot. Simple and easy, yet effective! Often burnt as an offering and used for
    purification of a place, item or person.
    Cost: $8.95

  • "The Crossing of a Loved One"
    As Directed by the Faery aids in the crossing of a loved one. Not in communication
    but in the actual aiding of a successful passage into the light. Included will be
    instructions for special use. Many times we have trouble letting go of a loved one,
    not because we wish to cause them pain but for exactly the opposite reason. We
    maybe can't see our lives without them, or the hurt is to deep to allow a successful
    release from this life. Unknowingly, many times we cause the loved one to be stuck
    "in between" unable to move on until our own grief and pain eases. We, by
    our calling them over and over or thinking of them with such pain to ourselves,
    cause them such concern that they cant move forward. Giving them unfinished
    business with us and worry about us left without them. In such cases we may need help to understand how to set them free of the binds we have put on them. It helps the
    person who has died to make an easy and successful crossing by calling
    the winged ones to aid in the understanding and ease of the crossing, It also
    calls the Faery folk to aid those left behind in gaining a restful healing sleep
    and acceptance of the death of someone they loved, thus aiding the person
    who has crossed and allowing comfort to them that their loved ones will be alright
    without them. The Fae help with the will to move forward in this life. So it doesn't
    matter if your loved one crossed 20 years ago or just a few days ago, this will help
    you to release and get throughit all. It will comfort not only you, the living, but the
    one who has crossed also. Giving both the knowledge and comfort that all will meet again and nothing is ever really gone.
    Cost: $8.99

  • Dark Moon Potpourri
    A wonderful magickal creation blended after the last Fall Equinox!
    It incorporates the energies and powers of the great Lord of the Forest (Herne) with
    those of the Dark Moon Energies. It combines His wisdom's and maturity to give
    strength in the cold winter months ahead, with the elusive qualities of the Dark Moon. It
    can also be used to aid in bringing abundance of spirit and prosperity to the physical real. Besides all that it smells really good :-)
    Cost: $8.95

  • Dream Web
    Its combination of scents have been designed to aid you in working successfully in the Dreamtime and in Dream Interpretation. As well as aiding you in making Dreams of the
    Soul come true. So if you are an advanced Dream Worker or just a beginner you know
    how hard it can be to be in control of this area. This will aid you in not only control of
    dreamtime work but manifestation of that same work as you sow the seeds
    on the dreamtime..
    Cost: $8.95

  • Elemental Potpourri
    This potpourri is designed to be used to honor, call and Control the Elements and
    Elemental Spirits. Open the Gates to the Watchers.
    Cost:$ 8.99

  • Harvest Apple Spice
    A wonderful magickal potpourri that has an intoxicating aroma, that lifts you at a higher
    place and aids in drawing your TRUE LOVE to your side, or in the calling of your Soul
    Group and reuniting you with the ones you love. I can make no guarantees as to how
    this item will work for you, as the law does not allow this. What I do say is that it has
    been ritually blessed and programmed, with secret ingredients added. It is a wonderful
    marriage of scent, intent, and ritual programming.
    Cost: $8.95

  • Honor
    Used to aid you in accessing the Totem animal on the astral plane, just place it next to
    where you meditate or sleep and it will aid you in connection. Also it can be placed
    where you work or study, even in your car or carry a bit on you to aid in making
    honorable decisions and actions in daily life.
    Cost: $8.95

  • Invincible Wall
    Are you tired of drawing so much attention to yourself, like being the center of gossip
    and hurtful acts. Do people keep "raging" on you all the time. Does negative energy
    and events seem to follow you around like a dark cloud. Are you thinking that maybe you
    are the target of someone's or something's negative energies? Well this Potpourri
    was created with just all this in mind. It aids in setting up an invincible wall that aids in
    keeping you out of the target area and sends these negative attentions and energies
    back to where they came from. Simple and easy to use, yet effective!
    Cost: $8.99

  • Prevent Being Faery Charmed
    Instruction with this is easy, just open the bag and place in a bowl or on a pot to simmer,
    or even carry some in a small bag in your pocket. Every one who works with the Faery
    knows how mischievous they can be and they are infamous for their ability to Faery
    Charm you. The act of blinding you to all but their truth and wishes. As you can
    imagine it is quite an annoyance when trying to get something done. Well this potpourri
    ends that little problem, it prevents being Faery Charmed period!
    Cost: $8.95

  • Rain Forest Forever
    Incorporates the energies and powers of the Rain Forest and Deep Woods. It calls to the
    healing powers that lay untouched within and aids you in harnessing these natural and regenerative energies. This profoundly mystical potpourri also calls to the wilds of the
    Black Forest, where such mystical and magickal creatures still roam. One of the last
    safe places in the world where magick is seen on a daily basis. So if you are ready to
    return to the age of magick and want to aid in the healing needed (both for the Earth
    and for humankind, as well as healing the pain we have inflicted on others who share
    our world) this is the Potpourri for you. Created by Lady Wolfen Mists from
    a gift (recipe) given in a channeling session by the Bright Lady on Earth Day, 1999.
    Is it intensely celestial and the energies are very otherworldly.
    Cost: $8.95

  • Renewal
    Its energies are meant to rid your house of the stale worn energies of winter
    and replace them with the new energies of Spring. It is acknowledgment that the Great
    Wheel has turned once more, life renews it force within and without the Great Mother.
    Use this to celebrate the completion of the season and welcome the arrival of a new one. Breathe this potpourri when pathworking or meditating to renew the soul and spirit and
    repair the injuries that you may have suffered (on all levels) during the dark winter
    months. Let your soul fly and your spirit drink deep as you are refreshed and renewed
    and ready to move on in your spiritual quest!
    Cost: $8.95

  • Silver Moon
    This profoundly mystical potpourri which cries out to the Huntress Goddess and to that
    part hidden within us, the primal self, She who races freely through the moonlit forests.
    This potpourri helps you to remember what was and helps you to figure out where it is
    you are to be. This is based on Moon Magick and is as strong as it could possibly be.
    So if you are wishing to dedicate yourself to This most wondrous Goddess and to help in
    the return of her most balanced energies this potpourri may help you to reach that
    astral place and experience many possibilities
    Cost: $8.95

  • Spring Mists
    Are you tired of the winter blahs? Looking for something to remind you of the
    coming of spring? Maybe something to help the Great Wheel turn a bit faster? That's
    what this magickal mystical potpourri is made to do. It aids in lifting the dark cloud that
    has wrapped us in the cold hibernation winter energies and begins the stimulation of
    spring. Slowly warming our souls and thawing out our cold and sleepy bodies to be
    ready when Life renews.
    Cost: $8.95

  • Triple Moon Goddess
    This is not just for females as males also, as it has been reported with equal success
    by both sexes. This potpourri is to be used to aid in honoring the 3 aspects of the
    Goddess and the 3 aspects of a woman, as well as aiding you to successfully move about
    the astral realm with control and memories easily accessible. These scents combined
    also show admiration and reverence to the Lady, so its nice to use in reference to Her.
    Cost: $8.99

  • Unicorn Dreams
    This recipe is one that is highly sought after by many and is the result of many
    years of laborious work, going through old manuscripts and lore looking for the one
    spell to recall the unicorns to this plane. This is a combination of that research that was
    done by Lady Wolfen Mists and the end result from all that labor. Its excellent, and
    even though we cant guarantee it will work for you, we will say that many a hoof print
    has been seen in our yard….
    Cost: $8.95

  • Walk With The Lady
    **Sorry No Photo, I was directed not to take a picture of this
    it would lessen the power!***

    The recipe came from one of my dreams and astral travels in which I was before the
    Lady and we were walking in the deep lush green forest. It was a wonderful time where
    much ancient information was shared and the direction of my life (and my mission here)
    was clarified. A wonderful accessory to your magickal everyday life. What a wonderful
    gift for those who are wishing to walk with the Lady and share Her words and time.
    Walk with The Lady Potpourri has a wonderful scent that stimulates the mind, body
    and soul! Use this potpourri to aid in your meditations and in your attempts to speak
    with the Lady and draw upon her wisdom and energy, in making decisions in your life as
    well as asking for guidance in your life..Give it a try I dont think you will be disappointed
    with its energy or its abilities to aid you.
    Cost: $8.95

  • Wild Spirit
    A wonderful accessory to your magickal everyday life. What a wonderful gift for those
    who are drawn to the Wild Spirit found in the Untamed Forest . The Wild Spirit Potpourri
    has a wonderful woody spice scent with a hint of fresh out of doors. It has been imbued
    with the Spirit of the Wild and tugs at the heart strings, helping us to recall when all
    were one, when forest creatures and human were of one spirit, one mind and shared as
    Sisters and Brothers! Use this potpourri to aid in your meditations and in your attempts
    to call your animal guides to you. Also use to aid in the healing of one of its citizens
    (your sick dog, cat or other animal.) Just simmer in a pot close to your ill friend and allow
    it to aid in the alignment of the positive energies to the ill being. Wild Spirit will aid in
    the natural healing alignment needed to help your sick friend, or the release of the soul if
    that is not possible, and what is in its highest interest. This potpourri is a recipe that
    was given to me by a dear friend that crossed, and wanted to let me know he's OK. So
    he gave me this recipe in the dreamtime so that I may use it to aid others who may
    need help when ill or needing to cross. Thank you Perth!
    Cost: $8.95


  • "Bridge To The Summerland" $12.99 packet
    Very Rare---- This is a phenomenal magickal blend, and is another exclusive recipe
    of Lady Wolfen Mists, and one she guards very fiercely. This recipe was given to
    her by her Spirit Guide and 2 other entities which instructed her to share as she felt
    was need. This blend of scents, herbs, flowers, and stones aids the user in building
    a open, positive bridge to the otherside. It opens the psychic (spiritualist, medium)
    to the energies of those beings on the other side of our physical veil. This bridge puts
    the users brain and astral/etheric self into the proper vibrational frequency, raising
    or lowering the frequency as needed to align both user and entity in a clear connection
    that runs both ways. This potpourri aids in helping eliminate the half words, or
    grabbled language that often accompanies talking with spirits and other entities. It aids
    in clearing up fuzzy images, overwhelming emotions, leaves user with much more
    energy than what is there normally after an intense session. This wonderful magickal combination helps end the huge amount of energy used by the users to connect and to
    try and establish a clear connection.
    This Bridge To The Summerland allows you to get
    the clear information right way and not spend session after session getting little bits and pieces that you may need to piece together what the entity is trying to tell you.
    Using this item allows the user to receive, recall, relate, recite and recount information
    from the selected entity, in a quick timely fashion with the minimum amount of effort.
    Many psychics and spiritualist use this in session after session, and report enormous
    changes in energy level and clarity level some refuse to do psychic fairs without it.
    They believe it helps not only themselves in the connection, but the person asking the
    questions, opening them and putting everyone on the same vibrational frequency needed for a successful session.
    cost: $12.99

  • Essence of the Wolf $12.99 Packet
    Caution this is a very magickal potpourri and commands and releases alot of energy.
    It works directly with Wolf Energy/Magick and calls the many aspects of nature and
    the wild to its mission of healing and teaching. Healing energies can be of aid to others
    or self, as well as teaching of others or self, its up to you to direct the energies around
    you. Use to aid in bringing forth the assertive practices of the wolf, as well as instincts, wonderfully protective for those who work late and have to walk a ways to the car or
    such. Reported by some to aid in heightening the senses as to whats going on
    around you. Also to aid in pack bonding for user and specific group. This is a strong
    powerful scent & herb combination, used to aid in the successful teaching of others
    and to fight for what is right in the spiritual and physical sense, as well as
    directing healing energy
    Cost: $12.99

  • Money Drawing $12.99 Packet
    Money Drawing Potpourri, a favorite of many! It can just be set out at home
    or at work or it can be simmered. Either in a pot on the stove or in a simmer pot. This
    has had wonderful results for many when trying to sell items and when working a spell
    for money. As the scent drifts across the wind it aids in directing money towards you.
    The item has been ritually empowered and created to draw abundance, prosperity, and
    all forms of good luck to you. Many buyers say that it has done wonders for them. One
    lady told me that she had had her house on the market for several months with
    no buyers or prospects, she got the Money Drawing Potpourri and within 3 days of
    simmering it, she not only had a buyer but at a higher price than she had counted on.
    Others have used it to sell dogs, horses, and cars all with pretty much the same results.
    cost: $12.99


  • Standing Stones $19.99 a Packet
    A bag of this is time consuming and hard to make so its price reflects this.
    How This Recipe came to Being
    It was given to me in a dream sequence (over a week's time) by cloaked figures
    within the ancient standing stones. In the dream I see myself invited into the inner
    circle inside the stones and around us flames a purple and blue electrical charge, then
    the cloaked figures draw the energy into a single focused ball and portal opens. Through this portal is a world of magick and harmony, they draw such energies off
    this world and redirect it into ours. Each cloaked figure dances within the portal,imbuedwith special knowledge and skills. One tells me to write down this recipe
    so that I may create it and share it with the world, I do and here it is! In addition
    to this there are several secret steps that must be preformed before the recipe is ready for your use! This is a sacred and wonderful item and works much ancient magick.
    It smells intoxicating.

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