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A Special Note to my students,

This song goes out to each and everyone of you. You have taught me so very much and for that I am humbled and in awe of each of you. Thank You All so VERY MUCH! You are my strength and so much more.....

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WRITINGS by Lady Wolfen Mists

ZENTAR... For those with ears and hearts to understand...

THOU ART GODDESS or GOD... Come Weary,Broken, Confused & Heavy Heart.


This is a poem written by me in reaction to the Witch Wars in our area leveled at me. It is my healing and I offer it to you

Feeding the Dark Dragon Within
For those who are in deep spiral depression...Tools to fight back

In the crossing of a loved one
Words for those to help in a loved ones release of Life

RANTS by Lady Wolfen Mists

"What to do with my aging Parent" A lesson in letting go

Dont Put me on a pedestal

My words to those who become angry when they think I fail them.Something to think about

The Difference between Amulets & Talismans or Wicca Wanna Be sellers at auctions

Fake Sellers and what you should know about them. As well as the differnce between Amultes and Talismans (bottom page) as used in most magickal systems

All In the Perspective-A Christians Question
My answers to a Militant Christian and Our jorney together.

"Thanks" This is a thanks to my extended Christian Family, oh what Blessing you have wrought

"What Makes us Witch" A comment on those who are Witch

Witch Wars & Gossip Mill in Our area....Our offical position on them

My Treatise on Respect

"Goddess Please FIX ME!" An answer to the fix me need so many of you have :-)

"Where did my self confidence slip off to?"An exercise in believing in YOU

"Your Gifts"My Opinions on charging and keeping a balance.

"Hoofs Spelling, Is it wrong?"A question asked and answered for the millionth time

Divorce- A Going of Ways or "I really want to Zap your Sorry Ass"
Keeping In Higher Self and Karma Safe In a Divorce

Tools to help in a Magickal Life
by Lady Wolfen Mists

Symbol to Stop Fae
To Stop them from moving/taking sharp objects in your home

How to Ask the Angels for Their Guidance in Your Life
To stop the Darkness around you

To aid in the release of a spirit- For those who are dying, to easy the way. For Dave in tribute to making others way easier.

"Empath" Basics to aid in handling this gift

Educational Topics as viewed in Wolfen Wicca

Copyrighted to Lady Wolfen Mists, no reproduction with out permission

The basics on understanding the different types of Spirit Guides

What is Invoking and Evoking
A quick overview of the use of Invoking and Evoking

Possession Vs. Oppression
A quick understanding for you of Possession and Oppression

What it means to Wolfen Wiccans

Descriptions of Psychic Gifts Very short list of common gifts

"Whats A Spirit Warrior?"A brief answer to a big topic

What is an Avatar

The low down on what that word means to the Wolfen Wicca Tradition

by Lady Wolfen Mists

This is my awakening to my personal memories of a UFO Abduction when I was very young.

Come place your seed of light in our Garden

For those who are hurting and need a bit of FAITH. Please come take a look!

Tears of a Nation; Our Tribute

The Lord's Prayer;

Translation from old Aramaic

See what was really written

Father Malachi Martian Clip-click play to hear it

What is to come

When Talking in 1997 to Art Bell about aliens from space and the church
Heres the url if you want to download it yourself; http://www.silverhoofs.com/delphi/malach2.ram

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