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Lets talk Karma

This is not a rant, its more of an explanation of our (Wolfen Wicca ™) understanding of Karma and how it works in our life. Many of you have written about Karma and seem to have a slight misunderstanding of how it works. Admittedly karma has become one of those new age buzz words that are never really explained or defined just used a lot. So I felt it was important for my students to have a good grasp of its meaning (from our perspective) and maybe help anyone else who would like a little more understanding of the Word.

First off it should be noted that Karma is not originally a Wiccan idea it comes more from the Hindu belief system and has been adopted by many other spiritual traditions. The general belief of Karma is that all actions (and not doing something is considered an action, as well as doing something) cause results/consequences in the grand scheme of things. As the universe runs in harmony and balance, and you are part of that universe, every single thing that you do cause ripples in the universal energies. As a result, you develop karma for everything you do. Karma is the consequences of your actions. Some karma is more traumatic or apparent than others for example you kill someone, the consequence may be in the next life time they exact justice from you and cause you great pain, thus equaling out the balance of energies. Another less apparent karmic bond may be that you save a kitten from getting run over. In another life (or maybe in this lifetime) you develop a strong loyal bond with a kitten and it may even save your life in some way.

So Karma simply put, is the result of previous acts or deeds, either in the past or in past lives. The Law of Return (karma) is set in the precept that the universe must pay us for every act we commit, making us responsible for all our actions and keeping a balance in energies. This makes us responsible for our own personal harmony and balance as well as aiding to the Harmony and balance of the world and thus the universe.


Karma Gets a bad Rap

Karma often gets a bad rap because most everyone assumes that karma is only negative and that negative consequences are being developed. While there are negative aspects that you must repay as consequences of actions there are also positive ones. You can gain positive karma for all the good things you do and all the events/situations you help others with. Karma builds for positive just as swiftly as negative and such positive results are often overlooked by many. The universe must keep in balance al things and positive is just as powerful as negative, repayment is just as eminent and even more welcome. So don’t get stuck on seeing karma as just bad there's plenty of good karma out there too.

The Karma Bank

The misunderstanding of Karma usually comes in the idea of a Karma Bank. Many Westerners misinterpret the idea of building up Karma. They believe that by doing a positive act, they cancel or erase a negative act. They think they can set aside or attempt to build up their "karmic bank account" with positive actions, so as to allow or make up for any negative actions they may have done or do in the future. This just isn't the way it works! If you do something negative to someone, the universe will at some point, either in this lifetime or another, deal the same situation out to you that you did to another. It doesn't matter how many other positive things you many have done, you still gotta pay for the negativity you caused. This sounds kinda doom and gloomy but The Law of Return works the same way for positive actions! Any positive action you give out must be returned to you in full, either in this lifetime or another. So there is no banking Karma to allow for "slip ups" Doing harm to another results in the consequence of you feeling that harm at another time. Doing good for another results in you experiencing good at another time also. You are the one solely responsible for your choices.

Helping Karma Move

We have all heard the saying "just a little bit of karma coming down" or even someone say they are just helping Karma move a bit faster. Well sorry to say its not up to you when, where and if Karma happens. Its is up to the universe, in the awesomeness of the universe it knows when a person is ready to pay back karma and when to collect the dues (energies) needed to balance what has gone on before. To pretend that you are an agent of such remedies is just plain silly and does nothing but build negative karma for you as you inflict pain on others. Of course its your choice and you will be the one to pay, good or bad its up to you. You can invoke the 3 fold law but thats another whole kettle of fish ;-) Have faith in the Universe and know that all things come out in the wash and all things are balanced eventually.

But how do practitioners of the craft view Karma?

We see karma as universal justice. It allows for the explanation of why negative people or actions happen in this world. Why these people or actions seems to get away "free and clear" with this type of behavior. We know that at some point in a future lifetime they MUST repay their actions, in the Law of Return. They are locked into a repayment and can not avoid it for that is how the Universe works!


So there you have it in a nutshell, I hope this helps in your understanding. If you have any other questions please ask and I'll do my best to answer. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I sure will be happy to share what I do know with you :-)



I thought I had covered every thing on karma until I read this which lead to this addendum. Heres the question:
Whilst having dinner with two friends one night, we got to talking about Karmic twists. Here's a thought that occurred to me after the fact. Children: Is one automatically involved in the Karma of their children simply by giving them life? Or, do parents really only provide the vessel for the child/ spirit to live in throughout their physical life?

The answer to this may be a bit hard to grasp but I will try to make it as understandable as my meager words allow. When one decides to have children then one takes on the responsibility of that child's growing nurturing needs. You are its guide on all levels, you teach it the ways of life and compassion and humanity, the lighted soul lifting path. It is here that karma becomes a part of the child and your cycle, what you teach the child. What you do or do not give it in respect to its physical, emotional and spiritual needs. If you, as the caretaker and guide of this child, do not do your job in a proper manner (teaching it fully as best you can and know how to do) then you are tied by karmic deeds to this child until you fulfil your end of the agreement.

The agreement being to guide and nurture this child in some positive manner, that may be with your own hands or seeing that this child is placed in a home where such as guidance and nurturing of body mind & soul is available for a life time. You have a responsibility to this life that is totally and 100% dependent on you and your decisions.

However as the child grows and you teach it (morals, values, spiritual, emotional and physical sustenance) then the child begins to make its own decisions. This is their own karma, and you may or may not be involved in this, as you gave them the tools to make good (positive) decisions and how they choose to use that information is now laid at their doorstep alone.

Now you as a parent can lock yourself in to a child's karma (often in a negative way) by not allowing them to grow and take responsibility for the decisions they make. As a parent you rush to their side to "make it all better" and in such a case interfere with the lesson being learned and the karma (positive or negative) being built. Creating a karmic circle that becomes hard to break in a lifetime by both sides. A more positive approach would be to go to them and tell them you love them no matter what but that they must "own up" to the deed (responsibility & balance in all things) they did and live through the consequences of that deed. This is not only more loving in nature but better in the long run, as the lesson needing to be learned is often learned the first or second time on their own. As opposed to you "fixing it" and getting all mixed up in karma and lessons that you weren't meant to be in. This action of being involved when you shouldn’t be could end in the child having to re learn the lesson down the road in a much harder and more painful manner. As hard as it is to sit and watch people you love make "dumb decisions" (which you could easily fix) it is their life and they must learn to live it. We must respect their choices (as they grow) and allow them to experience the results, this is life experience and it is a great teacher of wisdom.

So yes, you as a parent are connected to a child by karma, you are its teacher all through its life. First as the one who feeds and clothes and teaches about life, your decisions create the Karmic bond here 100 %. Later as a parent who allows and trusts what they have taught the child. You allow the child to make decisions as much as possible. You guide when asked, you respect them as a growing person to make decisions about their life. You always nurture the soul to reach for the lighted path and you allow the child to deal with the results of their own decisions as they build not only their own life experience but their own karma outside of yours.

You will always be their parent, you will always love them deeply as they are a part of you, but do you trust yourself and your teachings enough (as well as the Lady and Lord) to know that you did the best you could and the child can now stand on its own 2 feet with out making all the decisions for them? Karma is balance and responsibility and consequences (both positive and negative) of all situations. Allow you child to build their own balance and to include you in a positive way and not in a manner that stifles the growth of everyone involved.

Ok so that should cove about all I can think of in the Wolfen Wicca ® perspective of Karma. Hope it helps make things a little clearer. :-)

Bright Blessings,

Forever In The Loving service Of Others,

Lady Wolfen Mists

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