I have been dealing, somewhat painfully, with the healing of Witch wars in my area. This poem came to me on a full moon, once more I had asked for a sign and this is what I was given. It has helped me to express so very much, the pain, the hurt, the confusion and the truth of what I am, no matter how I try to change or deny it. Although this has to do with me personally, I am sure everyone can relate on some level, for are we not all a part of this wolf. Blessings to you all!

Soul of the Wolf

by Lady Wolfen Mists sept.3 2001 full moon

I am the Wolf

The Mystical Magical Creature

I am inspired by the Goddess

A teacher and a guide

I am solitary by choice

I am a gate unto the Lady

I stand and I Wait!

There are other gates. Other ways, I am not the only one.

I am an expert only to that which I know,

The essence of me.....Wolfen Wicca.

I know the ancient ways.

Magick does not run deep in my bones,

Magick is my bones!

I do not think of a spell,

I am a spell.

I teach what I know,

And I know the Magick of the Universe.

You discovered me!

You came to me.

I did not seek you out.

I did not recruit you.

You requested my knowledge and I taught you.

I gave you all I could, myself, my knowledge, my heart, my being

I Trusted you and Loved you.

You drank deeply and long,

You were empowered.

Yet now you betray me,

You break my legs, trying to ruin my foundation

You tear away at my fangs, as you malign me and my ways.

You poke out my eyes, so I cant tell who you are.

You say that you learned nothing from me, that my ways are a farce.

Yet your answers to others questions are the ones I gave you.

You say that I need to give in and let go, as you shred and defame me and mine.

That you knew the way long before I.

That I must "harm ye none". Forgive and forget in the interest of the community

With my torn and tattered ears, burnt by the constant gossip about me,

I hear you speak of Perfect Love and Trust, yet what have you done to me? Where is this perfect love and trust now?

I feel your concerns for what you say is best for me, with no regard to what the Goddess says to me. You dismiss it as ego and cast it aside

I experience your kind words and hugs, as you slap my face and place your daggers deeper and deeper into my back. Stealing my essence and life blood!

I watch your rituals and see they are based on those techniques that are Wolfen Wicca, those ways that I shared with you.

I raise my face to the Mother and howl in pain and betrayal.

"If me and my ways are so bad," I cry "Why do they use them, steal them, then call them their own?"

The wind whistles about me.

Moonlight falls over me, illuminating my body.

I stand alone, torn, twisted and bleeding.

Tears roll down my cheek.

I feel the healing loving touch of the Lord and Lady.

Once more I am solitary by choice, now wiser, harder, yet still inspired.

My eyes will heal, my heart will mend, my limp will be soothed.

My tattered ears lay flat as I sing my Magickal Wolf Song.

For no matter what you say or do to me,

What you take or how you try to destroy me

The fact remains.......


I possess its soul, its heart, its very essence

The mystical magickal creature

Magick is my bones

And I stand at the gate

And I teach as the Lady directs me to do!


A note on the music

I took some time to find the perfect song, one that wouldn't sound to whining, one that wouldn't sound to vengeful, one that wouldn't sound to egotistical but still encompass how I feel. Finally I settled on Blaze Of Glory. I wondered if it would be to much, yet in the end it was the words of the Goddess that directed me. Maybe it's Her sometimes-sarcastic wit or Her All Seeing Wisdom, but Blaze of Glory seems to fit so well.


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