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What Is Invoking and Evoking

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Invoking and Evoking is a hard concept for many. It seems to be a word that is used interchangeably for many practitioners but this is wrong. There have been many papers and books written on the subject some correct but many incorrect. Over the years many have come to me asking the difference and so I thought for those really wanting to learn the proper use of the terms I would explain it to you here.


To Invoke is to invite into something, The manifestation of an entity to you. In Invoking you may be offering yourself as a vessel for the entity to transmit through. When one Invokes, they request the presence of the entity into themselves or the sacred circle they are at. This may be the God or Goddess or aspects of them (like Herne or Isis) or an Angel (you get the idea.)
There is no commanding or summoning in Invoking, only offering and asking for the specific entity aspect to come to you, it is done with humility and respect.

Releasing of the Invoked

At the end of your work when you are finished and ready to banish, you may say something like; “ Thank you so much for joining me this day and for all your help. I will be banishing the circle now but if you would like to remain here or look over me then I would be deeply honored. Brightest blessing to you, so mote it be.” Remembering to always thank them for coming and for all they do for you and be open to them staying, for we do not summon or Command the gods.


Evoking this is to command or to summon forth, to your work area or sacred space. It is usually spirits and such that one must remain control of or mischief may be caused. A good example of evoking is when one casts a circle and evokes the directions (spirits, watchers) one must keep control of them so they don’t act up to much.

Releasing the Evoked

Upon dismissal you cant say “Hey please leave now, or hang around if you like,” because these little spirits may do something you didn’t want. For example I had a student who did not forcefully dismiss the elements of the west at the end of his circle casting. He just said, “You can go now.” So within 2 hours his basement, where he had been working, was filling with water, the sump pump wouldn’t work. It looked still plugged in and it had always worked before. He called the landlord who came over to help, they looked around for awhile only to find the plug had been pulled out just enough to keep from connecting completely and so the water sprites were having a field day filling the basement with their favorite thing, WATER. The pump was plugged all the way in and BANG, it started working. So remember when evoking to say something like; “Be gone all I have summoned here, It is time for all of you to go back to where you came. Depart now and do not hang around. Yet I thank you for your help. Until next time, Merry we part.”
This allows no room for problems as they are dismissed completely and fully and must return to whence they came.


Just a quick personal note and an easy way I teach my students to remember the terms. Invoking = IN and thus one asks the entities INto themselves. Like INviting the Gods into your person so they may use you.

Evoke =E which is the first letter of what we do to the circle we Enter when we are summoned to join in. So Evoking is much like being summoned to enter a specific place. If that confuses you too much don’t use it, if it helps them remember it so when someone asks about Invoking or Evoking you will be able to tell them how the terms are properly used.

Blessing on your Journey
Lady Wolfen

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