Traditional Herbs Used In Funerals

Herbs to aid in Crossing and protection

Traditional herbs used in funerals and stop Spirit Infestations

Someone you know has died, you want to honor them but are unsure what to do. Maybe you want to do something private, not drawing a lot of attention to the act, but you don't know what. How about carrying some Rosemary on you during the funeral procession, or placing some oak pieces in the coffin or at the grave for renewal of the soul or to finish any unfinished business you may have had with them.

The following is a list of herbs that have been traditionally used to honor and aid the Crossing Over of living beings. They can be used as incense at the funeral, as well as salting the gravesite or the home of the being that has crossed. Other uses include wearing the scents in honor of the dead, or as decorations in burial places or homes of the living who are grieving
(***) beside the herb helps put to rest any wondering spirits and honors their crossing . (!!!) is for Protection from these spirits that may frighten you or cause you harm.
Just a note if you are haunted by spirits just plant a bit of lavender outside or inside and it will aid in settling the spirits. This is the same with almost any of the herbs mentioned here, just place a bit in a garden (inside or outside) and it will help all wondering spirits to find peace and cross to the light.

(!!!) BASIL: Protection, Love

(!!!)(***) BAY LAUREL: - Communicating with the dead, protection, triumph, A must for funeral wreaths.

BIRCH: Rebirth. Renewal

CEDAR: Prosperity, Purification.

(***) COMFREY: Healing.

(***) CYPRESS: Endings. Karma cycles are over

(***) ELDER: Transformation

(***) FRANKINCENSE: Purification, Spiritual Transformation.

GARLIC: Protection for negative energies

HOLLY: Renewal, Resurrection.

IVY: Rebirth, Celebration.

(***) LAVENDER: Memories, Peace.

(***)LEMON BALM: - Immortality, happiness; used in a tea for emotional cleansing and uplifting.

LILY: Resurrection.

MINT: Joy, Good in tea to bring restful sleep for the grieving

(!!!)MISTLETOE: Protection.

MUGWORT: Inner Sight

MULLEN: Cleansing.

(!!!) (***)MYRRH: Healing, Purification, Protection, Used in Mummifying.

(***)OAK: Strength. Renewal of the soul, healing of wounds (unfinished business)

(***)PARSLEY: - Good luck in here after; decorating tombs, altars to the dead

(***)PERIWINKLE: Immortality, " Flower of the Dead, " Placed on graves.


(***)POPPY: Restfulness.

(***)ROSEMARY: - Friendship, purification, happiness; tossed into open graves " for remembrance, " burned as incense, carried in funeral processions, to aid the dead in finding their way.

(!!!)ROSES: Love Purification.Protection

(!!!)ROWAN WOOD AND BERRIES: Protection.

(***)RUE: Karmic Completion.

SAGE: Wisdom, Purification.

SANDLWOOD: Purification.

THYME: Purification.

WILLOW: Releases, Cleansing.

WORMWOOD: Transformation.

(!!!)YARROW: Protection, Healing.

(***)YEW: Immortality, endings; once planted in graveyards to protect bodies of the departed.

******It should be noted that this list is to be Credited to Selena Fox, it was given to me by a friend, I hope you find it as useful as I have. Thanks for all the great work you have done for the pagan community Selena, what a blessing and remarkable woman you are******

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