Points on Grounding

(c) Lady Wolfen Mists 2009

Grounding is that action that connects us to the Earth energies. It aids in making a clear link to ourselves, and the current physical energies that surround us. One needs to be grounded and well focused to accomplish anything in life and so it is much the same when working in magick.

Most magick, although appearing to be done on the physical realm, is often really worked on at the Higher Realms (astral/etheric realms.) To reach these energy planes (realms) we must often work outside of what we know to be the physical/material energy realm. It is here we direct our energies, thoughts, intents, and power to these other planes, and in the end this makes us very "ungrounded"

When we return to this plane (the Earth plane) it is important that we ground ourselves again. We need to call up the Earth energies and pull them back into our being. This avoids any side effects of working on other planes like;

1.Feeling outside of yourself
2.Feeling dizzy
3.Feeling confused
5.Being tired
6.Feeling "munchie" hungry
7.Motion sickness
8.And so on

By grounding again you induce the following to happen; 1.You allow for a clearer memory of what occurred
2.You feel energized.
3.solid not flighty
4.Answeres and interpretation of events come easier you.
5. Once more solidly focused and in control on the physical plane.
6.As well as many other advantages

Grounding also helps in the storage of stray energies that may be brought to this plane along with you. If you ground such energies and direct them into a tool, such as a wand, then these energies will be available to you next time you choose to draw upon them. They will not just dissipate into the air and be gone, but can be an additional useful tool to you and your spiritual journey.

Ground Tree Technique

After a pathworking, meditation or general circle (raising a cone of power) work you will need to ground and focus! Here is a wonderful Technique for grounding.

Once you have returned to your body or to physical consciousness. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, take 3 deep cleansing breaths, in through you nose and out through your mouth. Visualize a clearing away from an erratic or random energies that may be around from your 'trip".

***This step is optional; See your breath placing these energies in to a selected tool (i.e. wand) to be called upon later as you wish. (End optional step)

Now as you are sitting there envision in your own minds eye al the parts of you touching the floor beginning to grow think dark roots, much like that of a tree. Feel your consciousness flowing down the roots, as these roots continue to grow and snake downwards, deeper and deeper into the warm softness of the Earth. You will feel the warmth of the soil and the sweetness of life and crispness of water all flowing over around and through you. Still your roots pull you deeper and deeper, past sand, bolder and clay. Deeper still. Finally your roots find what they are looking for and electrical green energies flow up them and into you. Life giving energies that link you to the very essence of earth and all the wildness there. You feel the grounding energies of life at first contact as it spreads through you, into your feet. It flows up your legs, to your hips and groin over your stomach and lower back, moving very quickly now. The energies fill your chest, back shoulders arms, neck and finally your entire head with their electric green life energy. You allow them to flow through you, moving through every cell of your body until there is no separation between the two of you. You are the grounding pulse of Earth's life force and it is you.

As you breathe out you see in your minds eye these green energies coming from you, you are one, total and complete, now you are linked and grounded.

You spend a few minutes drawing these energies into your physical self and bask in the wondrous feelings they evoke from you.

Now it is time to return to full physical consciousness. Visualize the energies moving back down your body, as they entered. Down the roots in to the earth, down they go deeper and deeper. Finally at the ends of their roots they return to the soil. Your roots begin to return back up to your body, with every breath you take they move closer to your physical body. Now take 4 deep breaths by the 3rd deep breath your roots will be back into your feet/body and you will be grounded, re-energized, and focused. On your 4th breath you will remember clearly all that you saw and will open your eyes ready to meet the physical world once more.

Note: When you return you may want to write in your notebook all that went on in as much detail as you like so that you have a record of your travels. Be sure to include all that you saw, tasted, smelled, heard, said, felt and so one. Later in your spiritual journey you will enjoy re-reading all that has happened to place you where you are that very day


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