Granular Incense
Hand Blended From The Book of Shadows of Lady Wolfen Mists

Directions For Use: Use desired amount on charcoal burner.
3 x 5 inch individual bags: $8.95
Astral walk
Burn this to aid in the protection of the astral self and to recall those walks clearly.

Astral Walk Granular Incense

Burn to aid in removing negative energies and in purifying any object.

Cleansing Granular Incense

Creative Dance
Burn this to aid in getting in touch with your dance/creative energies.

Creative Dance Granular Incense

Burn to celebrate the Goddess in her lunar aspect. This incense aids in adding power to moon work spells, and general healing.

Diana Granular Incense

Dream Web
burn to aid in inducing prophetic dreams, and to help you understand those dreams.

Dream Web Granular Incense

Friendship Eternal
Burn to aid in finding you a best friend or to celebrate an eternal friend who is always there for you.

Friendship Eternal Granular Incense

Burn to aid in invoking the Goddess of Light and for praise to that beauty of creation.

Goddess Granular Incense

Healing Airs
Burn to aid in healing pains and illness. Do not use in place of a physician only use as an x-tra aid.

Healing Airs Granular Incense

Burn to show respect to the God aspect and to aid in invoking Him. Use to aid in getting in touch with all aspects of male psyche and all things in nature that are wild and free.

Herne Granular Incense

Kyphi Sky
Burn to invoke God/dess in Egyptian magick. It is an "all around" magical incense and is usually used at night.

Kyphi Sky Granular Incense

Burn to aid in mending in all areas of your life.

Mending Granular Incense

Minds Memory
Burn to aid the mind in memory recall for conscious and subconscious knowledge. Use before a test!

Minds Memory Granular Incense

Money Boost
Burn to aid in gaining the money that you NEED.

Money Boost Granular Incense

Moon Fire
Burn to aid in increased divination powers. Also to aid in the attraction of love. Can be used to aid in personal harmony and balance.

Moon Fire Granular Incense

Mystic Love
Burn to aid in the attraction of a deep healing love. Aids in finding that sould mate.

Mystic Love Granular Incense

Odin's Temple
Burn desired amount to aid in invoking the God/dess of Norse Magick

Odins Temple Granular Incense

Burn to celebrate ALL things positive. Pan is just fun in life, love, happiness.

Pan Granular Incense

Use this incense and read invocation to aid in protection of self and any other person/area you wish to protect.

Protection Granular Incense

Psychic Sense
Burn to aid in stimulating your psychic powers.

Psychic Sense Granular Incense

Use this incense and read invocation to aid in purification of self and any other person/area you wish to purify.

Purification Granular Incense

Burn to focus time streams to this point. Burn to celebrate Magick, life.

Renaissance Granular Incense

Ritual Temple
Use to prepare temple area for the presence of the God/dess.

Ritual Temple Granular Incense

Study Time
Burn to aid in helping achieve good study habits and to maintain that knowledge.

Study Time Granular Incense

Sun Burst
Use to celebrate the God aspect, often used in male based rituals. Use to aid in spells that deal with male bonding and increase male aspects draw down the sun.

Sun Burst Granular Incense

Burn to aid in successful new beginnings.

Sunrise Granular Incense

Burn to aid in the successful termination of a project, phase in life or unwanted habits.

Sunset Granular Incense