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Welcome to our "Other Worldly Photos." Places and Spirits that have connected us in some manner of the unusual! You will notice that each photo comes in the normal manner and is followed by a negative copy. This is here to show that the pixels were not altered in any manner by us, and so you can see the solidness of the objects we are pointing out.

This page is pictures of my parents home. They both have crossed over now and so I had the real-estate agent take a few pictures to seek the place. I didn’t expect to get anything like this. Tell me what you think if you like. I have re-posted here the original post I made on my blog at bravenet the post can be found in my archives on June 30 2006 *****************************************************************

Do you see anything here June 30th 2006

Ok so kinda strange things happen to me  and before I say much more on the subject I was wondering if you all would take a look see at these pictures and tell me if you see anything “unusual” about them, like around the windows or such. Once I hear from you all I will explain it all in more detail but for now please leave a feedback or tag on what you might see or even if you don’t see anything unusual here

The first one is just regular picture taken outside The first one is just regular picture taken outside

The next is the same picture done in gray to give better distinctions of color

Finally here is shades of blue which I often use to help in defining shadows and lights in pictures, I don’t know maybe its just my eyes but it seems to help in picking out things for me

Ok now take a look at these as well please

Ok so I wait to see what ya all think….




What I see in the Spirit Pictures July 10, 2006

Hey All,

I sure hope life is treating you well, I am waaayyy busy getting all kinds of messages and tools from the Angel Like Beings, but tonight I am posting about the pictures of the house (see post below for the pictures)

Ok so now its time to let you know what it is I see in the pictures in the below post…Well first off this is my parents house and as most of you know they crossed over and I am trying to sell the place. In taking pictures to post on the real estate site I notice a few strange things.

The first picture seems to show my Mom and Dad in it. My mom is out front of the house looking at her garden, where she used to plant marigolds. My dad seems to be looking through the window at her, which is where he would stand often after she got cancer, wishing she would come inside and he could watch his race car show without being disturbed

I have kinda drawn out on the pictures what I see…I warn you I am in no way an artist but it gives you a general idea of where I am looking.

This is Mom and dad I mentioned above, can you see it?

This looks to me like my mom looking out the front window…she was always looking out to see what was going on…the nosey lady who watches every one. Can you see what I am seeing?

As for the other spirits and images I am just not sure who they are but this is a late 1800’s house, so a lot of people have lived there at one point or another.

This weekend (or so if it rains) I hope to go down and do a general spiritual cleansing and move these spirits on to the light as well as put the land and house energies back in harmony …Maybe it will sell then. I hope so, it is such a cute little house and it could be so welcoming and cozy for someone who would love it…Wish me luck.

So let me know what ya all think…..



In addition here are some other spirits we caught. As I said. I don’t know who they are but they are there none the less. Let me stress that this house was never scary or hurtful, just kinda sad and cozy.

I call this spirit the Naked Man in the window. It was taken from this front of the house picture.

With this as the negative

Here the man in the window that I see. He didn’t really show up to my eyes until I did the negative exposure thing.

So anther situation that shows how Magick and the paranormal is around us all the time, it touches us daily and we just need to be open to it all, to see and hear what they are saying. TO me this proves that life has no ending just a different zip code, life continues and we get to do those things we most love and enjoy. Somehow I can take comfort in that and in the fact that my parents are on the other side “living happily ever after” no pain and no stress just doing what they loved so much and being together. That in itself is a miracle and one that they are sharing with all that see these pictures.. Life goes on and we are with those we love so much in that place over the veils.

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Till next time I remain

Forever In The Loving Service Of Others

Blessings All!

Lady Wolfen Mists

Lady Shadow Stalker

Other Pages Of Pictures
Ghosts Mom & Dads June 30 2006
Fae June 30 2007
Fire Sprites
Coming soon