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Spirits That Walk

Orbs "Other Worldly Photos." These pictures were taken at a friends Stables. The girls in the pictures were taking picture of the horse (Posha) in the inside arena, and had NO IDEA that these orbs were around. It should be noted that there was no fog in the area, no water or anything of that nature. It was a crisp clean day as far as they knew. Also please note that these pictures were taken close to Samhain 2003 so the veils are very thin then. I will mention that some people say these may be dust in the air...so I guess its up to you to consider and decide.

This first photo is a picture of my friend showing off her horse. You will notice Posha (the horse) is wearing her Samhain custom with a little witchy hat on. She was really cute sporting this.

Notice all the Orbs that seem to all around them.


Here is one that shows some really neat stuff. This is the horse alone just walking about. The orbs were everywhere and my friends did mention she was a bit skidish but not really bad, she just seemed a little "off" personality wise. Of course if I had all these visitors about me I might be a bit off personality wise myself :-)



So ends our Ghost Pictures for now. I also wish to point out that the orbs seemed to grow more and more as the pictures within the arena were taken. However there were also wedding pictures taken on this roll that came out wonderfuly with no orbs or streaks or such. So once more its really up to you to decide. Are the Orbs souls who have crossed? Perhaps they are other horses that have found a portal to move between the veils here during this time (Samhain). Maybe they are just some weird event that we cant understand or maybe you think they are nothing at all, its all up to you. I just offer them to you here to look at and decide for yourself. Once more let me say, these may not be proof for everyone but they raise some serious possibilities. I am not interested in debunking or such I only offer these anomalies to you here in the spirit of seeing things about you that we often take for granted.

If you would like to see your photo here send it to me (small size please I have dial up) and I will give it a look see and maybe put it on the page as well with credit to you if you like :-)

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