Free Will Zone Technique

Free Will Zone Technique

©by Lady Wolfen Mists 1998

Greetings Friends,

Ok how many times have you passed a creepy night unable to sleep cause you just didn’t feel comfortable? How many times have you been in a strange place (like traveling or such) and just didn’t feel secure? But let's get even more detailed…

Have you ever suffered from being bothered by a psychic vampire while you slept, or a ghost that kept showing up in some form causing negative things to happen? Have you felt the pull of Aliens as they try to pull you by the ankles off the bed (and before you laugh this is very real for some people)? Have you felt the fear in the pit of your stomach over and over and were never sure how to stop it? You had no idea how to make your space secure and aid you in feeling in control?

Well here is a trick that has worked for many, taking back your power from the fear and regaining control. I say it every night before I sleep. Others have reported that saying this has kept those night visitors at bay (aliens, psychic vampire or just negative energies) Give it a try what do you have to lose but your fear and feeling of powerlessness. This is a technique I developed to help aid my students of Wolfen Wicca ® and I share it here with you.

This MUST be said ALOUD!!! It need not be exact but keep it as close to this as you can at first till you get the hang of it.


This is a free will zone!
I want nothing to do with anything negative, nothing that will harm me on any level or cause me to worry or hurt.
I want only positive abundant energies about me and will have nothing to do with anything else.
This covers me (your name) and (add names of any other people in the immediate area) as well as my pets (add names if you wish).
The house (or apartment) I live in, the land it sits on, the car I drive (or any other cars you ride in or bus) as well as where I work (or go to school or such).
It also covers my loved ones, friends and family.
This is a free will zone and I want nothing to do with anything negative or any negative energies directed my way.
I wish only to live and grow in positive energies.


Now for an extra kicker before the so mote it be you can add the following (place the so mote it be at the end of this if you want to use it);

I wrap myself in a encasement of white light and are protected by the Goddess and God of Light while I sleep and while I wake.


May you Always walk in Sunlight and Moonglow

Forever In The Loving Service Of Others

Lady Wolfen Mists (Joy)

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