"Goddess Please Fix Me!"

The perfect "Fixed Up "Me

Do you have any idea how many times a week I hear one of you out there tell me how they need to fix themselves up before they can really get spiritual. That they are not all right now to come into their own spiritual walk. As if there is some defect in them, something not perfect. . Ya know that whole "how can I fix me and be best person I can be" What a load of pure CRAP! This notion that we must fix ourselves up to a level of okness to be accepted is such propaganda that makes the self help authors millionaires and us neurotic , anxiety ridden, shamed filled entities, floating in a sea of what if and if I could just get it right

Let me tell you Dear Ones, that you. Yep YOU just as you are right now are perfect! You must realize that you are the best person you can be right now! Yep thats right at this very moment in time with all the life experiences you have had and all the knowledge you have gleaned you are doing the very best that YOU can do. Thats not to say as you grow and learn you wont do better but it is to say that there is nothing wrong with you as you are!

There is absolutely Nothing in you to fix for you are the most wonderful and unique person you were created to be.

The universe works at its own time (I know its sometimes to slow for me to) but it allows us to develop as we NEED to not as we WANT to. In the end we see that all the time spent was so worth it and we wouldn't change a single thing as it was all in our best interest and placed it exactly where we needed to be. That in finding your balance, you accept both the dark and light side of yourself and choose to work openly with the light, however you must have the dark to balance it all.

Many people come to "enlightenment" thinking they must remove all the dark faults, NOTHING could be further from the truth. You must know who you are totally and completely, appreciate who you are ( positive and negative) and then accept both sides. Once this is done then you dedicate your works to the light. For it is then you have the knowing that you balance the darkside of yourself.

Unconditional love is not the removal of everything but what you perceive to be positive. It is embracing all of who you are ugly warts, anger, faults and saying its OK, its what makes up the total me and I am a sacred and holy person just as I am. There is nothing to fix only things to get to know and accept and my conscious decision to work within the light and promote the positive.

Does this make sense to you? I do so hope so. I hope that you take it inside yourself and keep it in your heart. I hope you print it off and carry it with you, read it until it is engraved in your mind. KNOW that it is true and stop trying to fix the prefect creation you are. Instead try to learn and understand it and most of all accept it and LOVE it as It is you dear One and you are a child of the Lord and the Lady. Worthy in all things as a wondrous and unique one of a kind creation.

Bright Blessings,

Forever In The Loving service Of Others,

Lady Wolfen Mists

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