Faery At the Faery Garden

Welcome to more of our "Other Worldly Photos." Places and Spirits that have connected us in some manner of the unusual! How did this set of pictures begin?
There was this poem I wrote a while back called Fae at the Garden gate. It was an ok poem, nothing spectacular in my opinion just one that tells of all the magickal beings that play and frolic in a garden and how my faith in magick is renewed as I watch and wait by the Garden gate. Like I said, it was ok but nothing I felt that knocked my socks off. So imagine how I felt as I was taken down an amazing and thrilling path where I learned tons about Fae and other winged entities but I even got some amazing pictures.

Now as with my other pictured posted about this site (like the Ghost pictures) these are not meant to change anyone's mind one way or another. So PLEASE donít waste your time or mine telling me how they cant be what I think they are. Your only gonna go hoarse and I'm not gonna care. I know what I saw and thatís enough for me. If you find anything like I did in them then wonderful and may the magick of the world bless you. If not than thatís fine too and may you find what ever it is you seek as well.

Ok with all that said heres a bit of the background on these pictures. As most of you know Lady Shadow Stalker built this garden in the backyard, the two purple lights are abundance lights and they give off a very light mist. The pool on the left closest to the bench also gives off a nice (light) mist. We call it the Faery Garden as Angel (the puppy) swears there are Fae out there and they ride on her head holding on to her ears, but that is another story all together. Anyway I also have seen lights flying about out there when there shouldn't have been any. I have heard my named called and giggles as I walked by. Yep I was sure that Fae had taken up residence in the Garden. So this month (June 26th 2004) I took the camera out at after midnight and said outloud " Faeries, if you are out here and you want us to see ya then show yourselves as I take these pictures." We saw nothing while these pictures were being taken but we sure saw a lot when we looked at them on the computer. Sorry about all the copyright signs on all the pictures, but you know the internet. Many think just because its posted its meant for them to steal and claim as their own work, always got to try and stay a step ahead thus the copyright symbols. Oh yea one other thing the digital camera took these like 6-7 times larger than shown so I had to reduce them to get them up here. Things were easier to see when they were larger. Heres what we got.

The first one shows a close up of a entity (Fae) playing in the water. The picture shot just seconds before and after do not show this light anyway at all.

This shot shows what I call a Fae in the tree. I can clearly make out a being perched in the tree in the upper right hand tree behind the center garden. But for those who have trouble I have pointed it out to you.

This next shot shows a entity moving away from the branches, just above the fence. I will admit there is a window way up at the top of the next house that the reflection could have come from but I am not 100% sure on this. I believe it may have been a Fae, because the next picture taken in the same exact spot was all dark except for the 2 purple abundance lamps and the entity at the top of the fence once more in yet a different position. The rest of the picture was black

Then on using the gamma correction on this picture we found orbs that were not seen by the naked eye. Very interesting indeed.

This picture is the one that followed using the same gamma setting. There is no reflection on the window of the other house but the entity still shows up. No orbs either.

Several Years ago we had a wonderful friend who crossed over, Lady Spirit Dancer. As tribute to her we planted an apple tree in the back yard and under it put crystals and such. Well it took off like crazy and has always given the best apples and plenty of them. For such a small tree its blooms alot, one year there were way over 200 apples, so many we had to prop the branches up. It has always had a special magickal feel to it, a vibration of the other world and that same night we snapped a few pictures of it, just to see what we might get. Once more we encouraged the Fae to show themselves if they were there. Heres what we got once more

It has a large spear right on top. The picture came up very dark , the gamma setting is set at the same as the others. Where did the orange light come from. Who knows

Ok so back to the garden. This shot shows what I think is something with very definite wings. You tell me, but it is amazing in my opinion! No gamma correction was used here.

Orbs is the subject of this next picture. One big one off to the upper left side of the picture, if you notice the purple lights seem to be drawn to the orb. These lights are not flames they are solid but they do let off a light mist. Yet they seem to be arcing in the direction of the orb. They do not do this in picture where orbs are not present.

This shot is just more of the same, Orbs above the lights and the fence. Of course none of any of this was visible to the naked eye only on the digital camera.

Ok so now we return to the tree. There are several things going on here at the same time. The first picture is the entire tree without any gamma corrections.

The second picture is the branch that seems to glow, where is this energy light coming from. I sure couldnít see it outside at midnight. (yes I need to clean up Lords kennel too )

This is one of the most astounding pictures to me. I see Fae dancing and floating on the trees, not just our tree but our neighbors tree also, just on the other side of our fence. I can see faces, hair, bodies. Talk about knocking my socks off! The first one is not touching the gamma correction. The second is the same picture with the gamma correction lightened at the same setting as all the others.

These are a few quick shots I took the following night at the same time, weather conditions were about the same. I didnít ask to see any Fae and I didnít get any on film either.

Ok so thats what I got, as I said I believe and thats all that matters to me, I'm not the type to need scientific proof my heart and intuition tell me what is what. I know this sounds odd to some but it has served me well all my life and I dont think I could ever live otherwise. This path that I have recently found myself racing down is one of great insights and wisdom's and I am thrilled that such entities wish to make themselves known to me. Somehow I feel this is only the beginning and there is much for me to learn and share...

Till next time I remain

Forever In The Loving Service Of Others

Blessings All!

Lady Wolfen Mists

Lady Shadow Stalker

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