Symbol to Stop the Fae
Keep Them from moving or taking Sharp Objects from Your Home

A friend mentioned that in her home the Fae had come and taken a very sharp knife and she was worried that her tiny daughter might find it and hurt herself. This is not at all unusual for Fae as they often “acquire” what ever they think they might need or like from ones home.

In my many years of working with the Fae and talking with them they have given me a lot of information. In this case they have shared with me a symbol that can be use to keep them from stealing or moving about anything sharp in your home

Here's what you do. Draw this symbol onto a small mirror (you can use paint or etching cream or something like that) Any color paint is good. Then place it in a window (it need not be on the glass just place in the window frame) and just leave it there. The size of the mirror doesn’t matter you can use a large ornate one or a tiny lipstick one it all draws on the same power and it tells them not to touch sharp objects in your home.

Here's the symbol.

If you use this please let me know how it works for you, others have found it very useful and so far its been 90-100% effective for Faery work.

May the Light fill your path and May the Fae be working with you

Lady Wolfen Mists


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