Dressing Candles

How to Dress a Candle

Lady Wolfen Mists 1990

Before beginning any spell casting please be sure that you understand the 3 Fold Law, see my ethics page click here

Imagine this, you're all set up for your candle spell, the circle has been cast, you have your altar ready, the candles set out, the incense going, music plays lightly in the background. The lights are off and moonlight is streaming through the open window. The power is electric and flowing though the air. You are 'charged' and ready to do your candle spell. You reach for your candle and read the instructions that are lying out on the altar. The instructions say; "Dress your candle with oil." You stop! The mood begins to falter, you loose your concentration on the spell. All that keeps racing through your mind is, "What is Dress your candle and how do I do it????"

I have been asked that question by many a practitioner of the arts. So here's a handout I give to students who dont know how. Hope it clears up everything.

Once you have chosen a candle for the spell you intend on casting, you will need to take time to "dress" it. "Dressing" a candle is fairly simple task, and should be done to EVERY candle you will ever use. The reason for dressing a candle are two fold.. One is to remove any existing energies that may be in/on the candle. Two, to place the images, energies and qualities within/on the candle. That way you ensure a higher percentage of success with your spellcasting.

Before dressing your candle you will need to obtain some oil for this specific purpose. There are many types of blended and essential oils you could use, be sure you pick one that best represents what you want in reference to the spell you will cast. If you are unsure of what oil to get that best represents your spell, I recommend something like Goddess Rising Oil or Blue Roses. Both of these can be used in all forms of positive magicks.

The next step is to take some oil and dab it on your finger', then go clockwise around your candle to make a complete ring of oil on it. During this think of God/dess energies pouring from you into the candle. "See" in your minds eye, the oil flowing from you into the candle. Know that what you seek in your spell will come true, that you will accept nothing less. Once you have done this then pull some of the oil upwards toward the wick, once again in a clockwise manner, until you encircle the candle again. Continue to empower the candle by "seeing & knowing" the energies are flowing through you to the candle. Feel the power grow within the candle as every stroke adds the knowledge that your candle is now being filled, more and more, with your wishes and intent.

The last step in dressing a candle is to pull the oil down from the center to the bottom of the candle clockwise once again. If you are like me, you may feel the need to add more oil at this time cause there doesn't feel like there's enough left on the candle, just add more. But be sure that you place the oil around the center first, like at the beginning, and then draw it down in the same clockwise circle. Be sure to concentrate once more on what you want the outcome of your spell to be.

Remember to send as many positive energies into the candle as you can muster up. The key to success with any candle spell is to VISUALIZE & CONCENTRATE!!!Now once you have visualized, concentrated, and instilled into the candle all the qualities you can. Once you have visualized the outcome of your spell and know that it will be the way you want it to, then you are ready to begin your spell casting. Your candle is dressed and ready to go.

One last note, many people have asked me if you can use a candle you have dressed for another spell if its not burnt all the way down. There are no hard and fast rules here, you can if you cleanse the candle very well and re dress it for the next spell. Yet be warned your success rate may be lower as it has already been used before and those energies may remain and send the spell off focus a bit. I highly recommend that if you are doing a spell use new candles for that spell, it allows for a higher success rate and the candle is much easier to impress your wishes and intent upon when its fresh and not used. But then thats my opinion, you do what works best for you. After all its your magick no one else's