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Channeling is one of those New Age buzzwords that many use and few truly understand. I hope to help clear that up a bit here and list a few types of channeling and some easy how toís

Types of

The first type of Channeling is full channeling in which the personís consciousness is pushed aside and the entity is allowed to have full access to the body, the person is in a full trance like state. That means all aspects of the body including, but not limited to, speech, acts, and such. As you can imagine this is NOT the best idea for those spirits you donít know, its like letting a stranger drive your car and hoping they return it in tacked if they return it at all.

Fully body channeling can also do sever damage to chakra points as the spirit eats/burns the personís main chakra points. This can happen as it maintains the body in a reckless manner without respect to the persons body they may be using.

The person doing the channeling in a full channel seldom remembers what was said or shared. The only full channeling I allow is from the Angelics who have no ego or hidden agenda and want only the very best for me; they often hand the body back in a better condition then what I started out with.

So if it has the possibility of such consequences why channel like that at all you ask? Well because there is some thing to be said with getting a totally clear picture of what is being said and shared by the entity who doesnít have to deal or become side tracked with the personís ego, on top of trying to deliver a clear message.

The second and safest form in my opinion is selective channeling. This is where the person remains in control and speaks to and for the spirit. The words of the spirit (entity) are repeated by the person and questions are asked and answered. There is no chance the chakra points are harmed here and there is no reason to fear that the body will not be returned in a positive state as it is never released. This is the best way to work with entities you know little about, and you want to retain the memories of what was said or done. However with that said the memories may not be fully complete because there is still a small trance like state that is used to speak with the entity and thus there is a possible loss of memory.

There is a third type of channeling and this has to do with Automatic writing. Many people do not feel safe allowing full body channeling to go on. They may have some blockages in speaking with spirits/entities as well. These people would do well to try automatic writing. This simply put is allowing the hand to write what it likes and you do not become involved. You let it flow and do not read it or analyze it while it is going on. The spirit entity writes out what it wants to communicate on this paper. The writer never knows what is being written in true auto writing. The only thing one should beware of here is that you only allow positive entites to write to you, as negative entities will lie and try to scare you, thus feeding off your fear. Nope just say aloud as you pick up your pen, Only positive is allowed here, nothing negative may touch me or mine. And thatís it your ready

Difference between Mediumship and Channeling

OK so you say that kinda sounds like mediumship to you, why use the word channeling at all? Well to be technical Mediums are person who have been specifically trained or gifted to speak with the spirits of those who have crossed over (the dead). Channelers speak with many types of spirits and entities from people who have died to other dimensional beings, to Angelics, to Higher Spirit Guides and so on, on many realms of being. You get the picture.

Exactly how do you Channel?

In the first form (Full body) you call an entity to you and allow it to step in to yourself and take over. This is often easier for those who have been severely abused because they have learned to step out of themselves as the abuse was incurred. Their conscious self went else where and thatís what happens in channeling, the conscious self goes else where as the entity is allowed to take over the entire body,

To do this sit in a chair with your feet uncrossed, in a comfortable position. Hands uncrossed in a comfortable position. Take deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Call the entity, tell it it may take your body and you begin to fade away slowly releasing the conscious body as the entity flows in and takes over. Many do this with their eyes closed because it is easier to keep focused on what you are doing with out the visual stimulation. Many entities keep the eyes closed as well for the same reason.

Once the entity takes over there may be a visible change in demeanor, in facial expression, in accent of the voice and so on.

The release of the body is much the same, the entity calls the person back when they are done and the reverse goes on as the person slides back into the body (breathing deeply once more several times) and wants to know what happened.

The second kind (speaking type) is easier to do for many. The person just hears or knows what is being said in their mind and relays those words to those that need to hear it, Nothing hard or fancy, just bang the entity begins to speak. The person hears and the ideas, concepts and the words are relayed to those listening. TO do this, the spirit entity is just asked to come and share what they know. Always ask for a positive entity because speaking with a negative one is just a waste of time in trying to sort the lies from the truth.

Oh and just so ya know the language one is communicated to with is always the language of the channeler. That is because that is how the thoughts from the entity are perceived and received by the person doing the channeling. Also there may be some limitation to explanations as the channeler can only explain what they are feelings, hearing or sensing with respect to their own experiences and abilities. So if a channeler doesnít have an engineering degree donít expect deep technical answers to questions because they donít have the words to explain what they are hearing or seeing. Since they are in charge their answers must reflect what they can do, however some channeler's do allow for automatic drawing in situations like this.

Which lead us to Automatic Writing and how to do it. Simply go to a quite place where you will be undisturbed. Have a pen or pencil there and a lots of paper, I like legal pads. Sit comfortably and pick up the pen in your most comfortable hand and begin to doodle, anything at all. Then just let it go, write what ever comes to your mind, donít worry if it makes sense or not, donít worry about spelling or any of that just write. Then when you are done, you will know when you are finished. You can read it and see what you got. Sometimes it may be messages, other timeís poems or lists or just about anything. As you get better you can ask for specifics to questions and you will get answers, but it does take time so do not be discouraged at first. Also be sure to put in Only positive is allowed here, nothing negative may touch me or mine. This keeps you safe and protected.

So thatís about it, just a quick basics on them. Please remember if you are listening to a channeler use discernment. If it seems fishy donít believe it. If your inner self says hey that rings true then listen. No one is a better judge of what is right for you then you are. Also a channeler is not a fortune teller, they have little to none of those abilities so donít expect to get answers to your future, they simply deliver what they are told by the spirit entities, they havenít a crystal ball to what is yet to come for individual life.


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