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Athames & Swords
Because of all the legal ramifications that come with buying Athames & Swords we regret that at this time we will no longer be selling them.

Water & Self Cleaning Supplies

Exclusive To Silver Hoofs By Lady Wolfen Mists

Bath Salts
These Bath Salts are created by a practicing Craft Master and handed down through the family tree. They are hand blended and all prepared on the specific Moon Phases and empowered as needed. They workVery Well.
Directions for use:
Pour desired amount into tub and allow to dissolve. One bag is enough for 4 regular sessions or 2 extra-strength sessions. Not for ingestion. Do not Drink




Exclusive Jewelry Section
& Enchantments,Wolfen Mysteries,Wolfen Pockets

Jewelry---Sacred and Rare

Items Created or Programmed By Lady Wolfen Mists
These Special Tools and Items are Created or Programmed By Lady Wolfen Mists and her exclusive style. You will NOT FIND these ANYWHERE else.

Please note these are in VERY Limited Supply

Wolfen Mysteries

Selected Kits with Items Programmed By Lady Wolfen Mists for use as Magickal Tools

Looking for metaphysical sacred Treasure Hunt kits? Presented here are things that help for specific needs, needs you didnt even know you needed. I wish they would have had these when I started so many years ago.
These Special Tools are Programmed By Lady Wolfen Mists in her exclusive style. You will NOT FIND these ANYWHERE else, however I am sure there will be those who wish to copy but they do not have Lady Wolfens Mists quality.

Please note these are in VERY Limited Supply
Yet I am also open to any suggestions you may have.
Finally you need to UNDERSTAND these come with a positive Karmic Binder that does NOT allow for any negative use. These kits simply will not work with the exception of those kits that have been programmed and binder in place for the removal of negative energies or entities

Wolfen Pockets

These are smaller than Wolfen Mysteries and come in bags with a few central items. Like those above they are for specific uses as well and are exclusive to Silver Hoofs & Lady Wolfen Mists. You wont be disappointed on the quality here.

Rings, Bracelets, Pendants, Necklaces and more

These are tools Lady Wolfen Mists has been instructed by the Higher Powers to Enchant or Imbued with specific energies. These tools are powerful and based in the Light. Limited quantities

$24.99 and LOWER
Rings, Bracelets, Pendants, Necklaces and more

These are Enchantments as well but are less expensive, Just scroll down the page to the Glitter Wolf Face and the heading that reads $24.99 and Lower. I hope to try and keep this section open as long as we can supplie it. Limited quantities


All things Incense

Granular Incense
These incenses have been created for many different reasons and are to be used with charcoals. They work well in "Circle" work or when one needs to add incense at a specific time. They were created by a 3rd Degree High Priestess and are metaphysically correct. All granular incense are intended to be used with self igniting charcoals and screen burners.

Other Stick Incense
Various popular Incense
Additional Items for Incense
Other Items like burners and charcoal you might need



Rocks & Resins
This section Covers various Stones-raw and tumbled, as well as Shapes and Balls and all things like that.

Raw and Tumbled Stones

List of Stone available, if you are looking for something Specific e-mail and ask we might have it, it may not be up because there is a limited quanity

Stone Sphere Crystal Ball Page

This page has all kinds of Stone Spheres and Crystal Balls used for divination and other Magickal uses. Some are just neat to have around. It also includes other tools used in Crystal ball work.

Shaped or Carved Stones

Still working on, to include wands and all other shapes

Crystal Points & Clusters-Click here

This page contains current crystal points, some with images some not, as well as clusters. Worth just having a look see at because the crytals are so amazing!

Programmed Entity removal Crystals

These crystals have been especially programmed and made ready, under the directions of the Angel Like Beings (ALBs) that I work with. They are for Light Workers, Spirit Warriors and any one who works to remove negative energies or even spirits (ghosts) that are stuck here on this earth plane and cant move on.


Programmed Pendulums & Divination items

Pendulums for your use

This section Covers various Pendulums that have been created for specific things as well as requests from clients. Some have been Powered up at various times of the year as well as specific places. This page contains current programmed and Enegy Imbued pendulums (Reiki, Dolphin & Wynn energies) the pendulum


Exclusively From Lady Wolfen Mists Book of Shadows
You wont find them ANYWHERE else

Non talc Powder
If you are looking for something new to add to your collection of Magickal components, you many want to consider Lady Wolfen Mists Hand blended Non-Talc Body Powder
Potpourri or Granular Incense
These various Potpourris have been developed after years of work and searching. They are another exclusive and truly are magickal works of wonder. Now there can be no guarantees as to how this item will work for you, as the law does not allow this. What I do say is that it has been ritually created, blessed, and programmed with just right energies to aid you in your battle to be let alone and to remove yourself from being a target! They can also be used as granular incense if one wishes to. Just place desired amount on charcoal.
Hand Blended Oils
These oils are metaphysically correct and empowered for specific uses. They are intended to be used to "dress" candles, anoint tools and consecrate items for specific uses. They can be worn on the body, used in spell work or any other use you may choose to use them for.

Click here to go to single power Oils
Click here to go to 2 times the power Oils
Click here to go to 3 times the power Oils
Click here to go to Speciality Power Oils
Click here to go to Student power Oils


Exclusive Angel Like Beings Tools - Created by LWM at the direction of the ALB's

Spiritual Emergency Kit
by Lady Wolfen Mists
As guided by the Angel Like Beings.
Created with much research and love. This kit contains everything you would need for almost any type of spiritual Emergency. It is a MUST for Light workers in these times. Please Check it Out

Angelic Necklaces- Garden of Angels Tool

These items are gone for now but will return when we are directed to create more
Usually these are tools Lady Wolfen Mists has been instructed by the ALBs to create to aid in the battle of Light and dark. These tools are powerful and based in the Light. Limited quantities

Exclusive to Lady Wolfen Mists

This is a wonderful Group of tools that are based in color activation and programming. They are Stands of Light that are created to wrap the area they hang in with the energies for a specific purpose (i.e. protection and so on) The prices are reasonable and they make great gifts for yourself and others. These tools are not only beautiful but extremely functional and useful

Garden of Angels Tools
This page takes you to the complete listing Of Angel Like Beings tools, experiences and more. Check it out and click on what you want to see!


Zodiac Oil - Hand Blended
These oils are metaphysically correct and empowered for specific uses. They are intended to be used to "Dress" candles, anoint tools and consecrate items for specific uses. They aid in bringing out the attributes of a specific sign and can be used to signify a person who is not physically there at any circle/spell work. These can also be worn on the body, used in spell work or any other use you may choose to use them for.


Product Information
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Return Policy-
Our return policy is simple there is NONE! Because these items are often special and exclusive to user we can not take them back, period. Be sure you understand this! No exceptions to the rule. We do our best to give accurate descriptions of items and once you buy it it is yours
All sales final no returns, chargebacks, exchanges, credits or anything of the such. Ordering from us means that you have read the terms on this page and are in agreement

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